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Many writers and researchers, whose work has appeared almost exclusively on the Internet, have challenged the percepts of the Official Conspiracy Theory of the Sept. 11 attacks. I call them the 9/11 Skeptics. The quality and seriousness of their work varies. Perhaps the wisest skeptics limit themselves to pointing out the many holes in the official story, and avoid speculation about things they cannot know for sure. This still leaves many open questions, so other skeptics use logic to speculate what lies behind the veil of secrecy, as they feel they must, with mixed results. Yet others claim to have inside knowledge about the true story or perpetrators of Sept. 11, which perhaps they do. Such material can be assessed in terms of internal logic, but readers have no certain way of knowing how much of it is imaginary. Many 9/11 Skeptics espouse detailed alternative theories of "what really happened," some more plausibly than others. A few, I fear, suffer from belief systems (or personalities) as fundamentalist as Osama Binladin's.

As a 9/11 Skeptic, this is the pep talk I would like to deliver to all skeptics: 

We should be open with each other, in the spirit of free thought and free criticism. We should never tolerate error, and strive to eliminate red herrings and distractions. But we must unite in the call for open and complete disclosure on the events of Sept. 11, the anthrax attacks, and the indications of pre-Sept. 11 foreknowledge and preparations within the U.S. government. No matter how clever one's analysis, the only way to substantiate what happened is to get the information legally, through the front door. With the planet's future at stake, the authorship of the attacks is not an academic question, and we cannot afford to wait for decades before the real story comes out, as was the case with the Gulf of Tonkin, CIA-Contra cocaine dealing, and so many other crimes, lies, and atrocities.  

Just from the mainstream media, we have enough evidence to show that the official 9/11 story is a farce. That should suffice. Do not settle for speculation. Do not fall into the trap of isolation andanonymity. Speak proudly and openly. People are ready to listen. Let us do all we can to present the case for inquiry to the public, and put pressure on the front of official silence until it cracks from within.  

What many fear as the "New World Order," the rise of anew global fascism and empire, is not a set reality, but a vision shared by individuals among the power elites. Not all of them are involved in the 9/11 cover-up. In the cause of their own self-preservation, they will start abandoning that vision and pointing to each other, if enough public pressure for disclosure can be brought to bear. Therein lies our possiblerole, as catalysts. The nation has struck the road to dictatorship, but we still have our freedom to speak out, to associate, to organize, to unite on something we can agree on. Instead of insisting amongst ourselves on a complete alternative to the official theory, we must find ways to address the majority and convince them to demand credible answers for the open questions of Sept. 11. 

9/11 Skeptics On the Web
Towards a Definitive Listing

June 18, 2002

Obvious Disclaimers: 
Jack Riddler, and "9/11 Skeptics Unite" are not responsible for the content of any outside site. 
The list concentrates on 9/11 Skepticism, mainly secondary research and analyis, plus other interesting or relevant sites on history, news of the world, drug war, corruption, possible conspiracies. Contact to add your site. Any site that shows minimal logical aptitude in questioning the official 9/11 story and does not positively froth with hatred or contradictions will be added. 
Many political flavors are represented. I disagree with part or most of what some of the authors on these sites say. Some of the links lead to wacky and sometimes ugly stuff. If you wanted the PC version of "progressivism," you wouldn't be here anyway. You're probably here because you are not sure what to believe. Neither am I. 
For now, I have reviewed a few of the most important, interesting, newsworthy, influential or popular sites. All opinions mine. 
The rest are listed as is, in a largely random order. I hope to sort them by flavor or specialty and add a selection of well-researched sites on topics such as the first WTC attack, OKC, Lockerbie, Waco, Bush family business, Iran-Contra, causus belli, etc. Of course, these topics are well-covere delsewhere and the focus here will remain on 9/11 skepticism, anthrax and the aftermath. 
Ultimately, I intend to post reviews of most of these sites. 
Caveat lector! 
That's Latin, people: "Beware what you read." 


Many more sites and reviews yet to come! 
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A selection of the best or most newsworthy, interesting, 
influential or popular 9/11 Skeptic sites.

Lucid presentation of the skeptical case. Broad and open-minded approachto the major issues. The site's current main feature presents a wealthof links and very strong arguments against the "anti-conspiratorialist"campaign now being waged by the self-appointed spin controllers of the liberal left: 
"The Magic Bullet Dissidents"- must reading. 
Many links to excellent articles not yet included here. Also a good collection of links to relevant news articles supporting the Skeptical case. 

Finally, in recent weeks, a number of prominent 9/11 Skeptics haveunited in an ad hoc coalition, which held the "Unanswered Questions" pressconference at the National Press Club in Washington on Monday, June 10. Participants included Mary Schiavo, the former inspector general of the Transportation Department, who represents 32 Sept. 11 families, who spoke on the need for accountability in aviation disasters; C.A.Fitts, the former assistant secretary of housing in the first Bush administration, who later turned whistleblower on the plundering of the federal budget; Julie Sweeney, who lost family on Sept. 11 and wants to know the whole story of why; Michael Springman, a whistleblower from the State Department who was ordered to issue U.S. visas to CIA-backed fundamentalist mercenaries in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s; and investigative journalists Michael Ruppert, Tom Flocco, Kyle Hence, Richard Ochs, Jennifer Bergen and  John Judge, among others. C-SPAN chose not to cover the event, prefering such important alternatives that day as a planning meeting on the renovation of the Pentagon! Several hundred people apparently attended, including journalists, so there's no doubt it created a buzz, if not yet any stories. These things take time to percolate. Meanwhile, most of us are stuck waiting for the group to put up a transcript. 
As of June 17, the audio is available: 
So far I have only heard the first part, but very good work! 
The biggest question here is where it will all lead. Let's hope this initiative turns into a big, inclusive, broad-based and influential movement to force disclosure.   

Not necessarily skeptics - this is the site of an anti-war organization set up by relatives of the 9/11 victims. The group participated in the"Unanswered Questions" press conference of June 10, 2002, in Washington, DC. 

Not a 9/11 Skeptic himself, Palast broke the story of how the Bush administration spiked FBI investigations into the Osama-Saudi connection immediately on taking power in January, 2001. 
Here is the transcript of Palast's Nov. 6 BBC Newsnight story, which asks: 
"Has Someone Been Sitting on the FBI?" 
Palast writes for The Guardian/Independent and reports for BBC. He broke the story of how Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris stole Florida for George W. in advance of the 2000 election, by purging the voter registration rolls of up to 100,000 potential Democratic voters, mostly black people. Palast's findings were adopted by the Civil Rights Commission that investigated the 2000 election, but this got only minimal media coverage when it was reported, after Sept. 11. 
He also broke several major stories on how governments, the IMF and World Bank collaborate with transnational corporations like Enron in intentionally eradicating the economic independence of third-world countries. 
Anthony Lappe of the Guerilla News Network interviews Palast on the Racial Coup D'Etat, the spiking of the Binladin probe and Enron: 
Alex Jones of interviews Palast:  
"World Bank Secret Documents Consume Argentina" 
On Palast's main site, check out "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,"his excellent book about the above and many other stories. 

The "What Did they Know?" Page: 
Huge collection of links to "prior knowledge" news reports from mainstreammedia around the world. 
Latest Updates to "What Did They Know?" 

Excellent collection of questions and links. 
Describes possibly the first-ever demonstration to demand a 9/11 inquiry, held on Jan. 8, 2002, in San Francisco:  
"January 8th, 2002. People Gathered and Marched to Senator Feinstein's office. A delegation of people met with Senator Feinstein's and Senator Boxer's staff. These are some of the questions that I brought which were presented to our elected officials..." 
Guess what? Seems Feinstein and Boxer did not dance with delight at the thought of challenging the official story. 

The "Community Currency" site includes one of the most comprehensive treatments to date:  

Excellent and self-reflective, factual overview. Good discussion of evidentiary standards and the need for careful research. Points out the limits of the "who benefits" argument and the circumstantial case. The anonymous author eschews speculation (unlike me, but I  label my speculations and do my best to be logical). He or she merely lays out reported facts and leaves the obvious questions to the reader. 
"This website is dedicated to help discover the truthabout what occurred on Sept 11th, 2001. The emphasis here is on an exhaustive examination of fully-referenced fact, rather than speculation, circumstantial evidence, or "conspiracy-theory." 

A courageous woman, who has been subjected to vicious and ad hominemattacks. 
McKinney's Statement of April 12, 2002, the one that got the ball rolling: 
"The need for an investigation of the events surrounding September 11 is as obvious as is the need for an investigation of the Enron debacle. Certainly, if the American people deserve answers about what went wrong with Enron and why (and we do), then we deserve to know what went wrong on September 11 and why..." 
Statement of May 16, 2002, after the White House admitted it received early warnings of an imminent attack on aviation: 
"Several weeks ago, I called for a congressional investigation into what warnings the Bush Administration received before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. I was derided by the White House, right wing talk radio, and spokespersons for the military-industrial complexas a conspiracy theorist..." 

RON PAUL: Ron Paul's Weekly Column 
Get out of Colombia. Stop bombing Iraq. Get out of the Middle East. End the Drug War. Get out of Saudi Arabia. Waco was a massacre. Reformer end the Federal Reserve. 
Paul has said all of these things. And he is a Texas Republican! 
DENNIS KUCINICH: "The Spirit of Freedom" 
"Let us pray that our nation will remember that the unfolding of the promise of democracy in our nation paralleled the striving for civil rights. That is why we must challenge the rationale of the Patriot Act. We must ask why should America put aside guarantees of constitutional justice?  How can we justify in effect canceling the First Amendment and the right of free speech, the right to peaceably assemble?" 

Jared Israel and Illarion Bykov make a compelling and oft-cited case that the failure to intercept the hijacked planes was possible only with collaboration from within the administration and/or high military command. They have actually gone as far as writing up an indictment of Bush, Rumsfeld and General Myers. The site includes many other well-reasoned and perceptive articles on the Bushladin-Carlyle business connection, Osama and the CIA, Qaeda in Kosovo alongside the CIA, history of causus belli, the imperial geostrategy of the U.S. power elites, history of the Afghanistan conflict, history of the CIA-Nazi connection, and lies during wartime. Meticulous in referencing fact and generally avoids speculation. TENC otherwise focuses mainly on Yugoslavia and the Milosevic kangaroo court. (I agree entirely with the criticism of NATO's criminal war in Kosovo, including the claims of how the causus belli was manufactured, but I do not endorse the authors' extreme pro-Milosevic position.) 
Those who doubt the plausibility of an inside job should start with the article by Ken McCarthy of, who asks how it would be possible for the government to let the attacks go ahead: 

Why is the route of AA77 indicated by a dotted line? 

Takes on the story of UA93 from every angle, considers the evidence on each scenario, and leaves little doubt that the plane broke up in the air. (This is not to denigrate the heroes; they became heroes the moment they started to resist.) Best site on the subject I'd like to ask all Skeptics:  
Is this the right start in unravelling the official story for the American people, or  is the subject too delicate? Or do you think the evidence is not conclusive? 

The Great Deception - What Really happened on 9-11? 
By Barry Zwicker, aired by Vision TV in Canada - for transcripts and links 

SF Lawyer Files 9/11 Suit Against Bush Administration 
A San Francisco Examiner article about Stanley Hilton, who filed suit June 3 against Bush and 10 top administration officials for $7 billion on behalf of victims' families, claiming the attacks were intentionally allowed to happen so as to advance the administration's agenda. Hilton was a staffer to Sen. Bob Dole in 1979-80, then dropped out to practice law and write books, including a nasty one about his erstwhile employer, "Senator for Sale."  He says he has evidence Osama Binladin died of kidney failure years ago, and has been set up as a general scapegoat since. If true, then who exactly did Mullah Omar and the Taliban fight to defend? Why didn't they say Osama was dead, to save themselves? 

PETER DALE SCOTT on Al-Qaeda, 9/11, Afghanistan, "War on Terror" 
A great scholar. Scott leaves open the question of the attacks' true background in this absolutely recommended treatment of the history and politics behind Islamist terrorism and the War on Terror. 

By Gary Kamiya, April 24: 
"Congress should investigate how much the Bush "oil junta" knew in advance about Sept. 11. This and other bombshells from American literature's leading provocateur." 
Latest Vidal interview on 9/11: 

With millions of hits and unapolegetic, on-the-scene reporting on the insane Drug War, Al Giordano's site is the best evidence of an ongoing, Internet-based revolution against the corporate media. Last December NARCONEWS won a landmark legal case against Banamex, the state-owned Mexican bank, which had sued NARCONEWS for reporting that it is a drug-money laundromat. The ruling established that Internet news sites qualify as journalism, and are therefore entitled to the same extended First Amendment protections as the print press. 
The site had its finest moment yet on April 11-13, during the failed military-media coup against the Venezuelan government. In the crucial first hours, NARCONEWS and VHEADLINE broke the English-language monopoly of the American press chorus, who were singing along with the Bush regime's story that Hugo Chavez (a democratically elected leader, unlike George W. Bush) had "resigned." Three days later, when the people of Venezuela flooded the streets and reclaimed their country, even the Washington Post and New York Times admitted the attempt to depose Chavez was a coup d'etat, heavily backed by the United States government. NARCONEWS continues to present the best available English-language coverage on Plan Colombia, Bolivia, the media revolution from below, and much more. 

Almost every single item on NARCONEWS is worth reading, and usually contains information you will not find elsewhere. On September 2001, NARCONEWS published two key stories on 9/11: 

See also an overview of drug war, money laundering and the impact on the economy by C.A. Fitts:  

Excellent English-language reports by a large crew of journalists from Moscow, has been running since the early 1990s. A hotbed of "exile" American straight-talkers and also Russian skeptics with regard to the suspiciousmanner in which President Putin came to power. Archives unfortunately by subscription. 
See the latest column by Chris Floyd ("Hellraiser 2.0") who has been on top of the 9/11 issue from the start, talk about the NSA's tracking of Mohammed Atta for many months before 9/11: 
"Terror works. Terror pays. Terror feeds the bulldog. It's the first principle of any violent criminal organization: scare the hell out of the people you're trying to control..." 
Boris Kagalitsky, always with insightful and well-written views into Russian politics, and who has a bit of a global following thanks to Internet, very openly showed his 9/11 skepticism in an Sept.. 21, unfortunately no longer available except here on my private fairuse archive
Sept. 18, 2001: "Bin Laden? Better Be Sure"  
Oct. 30, 2001 "A Need for Honest Answers" 
"The fear of new terrorist acts compels the American public to accept any course of treatment offered by the government. However, there will most probably not be any more large-scale acts of terrorism. Not because the administration's measures have been effective, but simply because those who blew up the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 -- who ever they were -- have already achieved their goal, just as those who blew up apartment blocks in Moscow in 1999 accomplished theirs. Terrorism is a means of changing the balance of political forces through violence. Such a change has already taken place. And the current war against terrorism is no solution, but rather is aggravating the problem." 
Kagarlitsky's latest column: 

Montreal-based scholarly site, in French and English, with large collectionof important articles on the Pakistani connection to 9/11, Osama as a CIAasset, Taliban and the oil lobby, 9/11-related insider trading, and muchmore. 
Foreknowledge of 9/11 Page: 
"The Propaganda Preparation for 9/11," CRG, June 19: 
Proceeds from "the mysterious death of John O'Neill" to a number ofsuspicious news stories in advance of Sept. 11 to a compelling stab atthe Big Picture. 
Print publication of the CRG: YearZero Magazine - Home 

Investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker is a former NBC producer whoditched the mainstream media so that he could cover stories that actuallymatter. He has concentrated on the trail of the alleged Sept. 11 hijackers,starting in Venice, Florida, where Mohamed Atta and his buddy Marwan al-Shehhiattended the flight schools run by the "Dutch Boys" Rudi Dekkers and ArneKruikhof. Hopsicker's work, in more than a dozen articles since Sept. 11,is the closest we have to a smoking gun leading the hijackers back to U.S.government connections. Among other stories, he has uncovered sources whoclaim to have seen Atta at U.S. military bases in the 1990s; local policewho say their records on the investigation were taken away by state policeand loaded on to an airplane with Jeb Bush waiting on board; and evidencethat the Dutch Boy flight schools are intelligence community fronts. SinceHopsicker is a footwork journalist who protects most of his informants, I don't know what to make of some of this, and I wish Hopsicker would not write in the style of a gossip columnist. The material is not available on any other site, and merits a full reading from the first article in the archives forward. Judge for yourselves. Hopsicker has produced a feature length treatment of his findings, "Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus," which this reviewer has yet to see. 

Self-proclaimed intelligence expert with long pedigree as spook journalist. Believes 9/11 was entirely the work of Qaeda. Claims in his current book, "Seeds of Fire," that China helped arm and prepare Osama Binladin's offensive on the United States, in the hope that terror attacks will serve to weaken the arrogant superpower in the long run. (I have not read the book but find this thesis highly implausible, since China is now a full, WTO-approved, enthusiastic member of the global capitalist club.) 
Thomas seems to have good links to Mossad, and has been accused (without proof) of being their mouthpiece. In two very interesting recent articles citing Israeli sources, he claims the Israeli government has let on to the congressional investigators that Mossad gave the FBI and CIA specific pre-Sept. 11 warnings of an imminent Qaeda attack, including the names of some of the later hijackers. 
"Bush ignored warning that will come to haunt him." 
Did CIA and FBI fail to heed the Mossad warning of an imminent attack? 
This information seems to have been gathered by an Israeli spy ring operating in the United States before Sept. 11. Gordon speculates these warnings were accurate and useful, and could have prevented the attacks, but says they were ignored, mainly because the American services mistrust the Mossad. Is this one of the items being discussed in the secret meetings of the congressional committee? 

Author of "The Secret War Against the Jews," a best-selling history of collaboration between U.S. elites and the Nazis from the 1930s almost to the present day. A lawyer, Loftus is the head of the Florida Holocaust Museum and I shall note, as he does on his site: an Irish Catholic. He argues with conviction that the networks of Islamist terror lead back to Saudi Arabian financiers and that the Bush family had every incentive to cover this up, just as the Clinton administration did. Moving on to shakier ground, he says that the Bush decision to spike the FBI probe into Qaeda and Saudi was taken directly on behalf of the Bush regime's most active sponsor, the Enron corporation, which lobbied the Taliban for a pipeline along with other oil companies. This, Loftus says, caused the investigative blackout that allowed Qaeda to perpetrate the Sept. 11 attacks. He does not proceed to the next logical step of at least wondering whether the Bush administration had an incentive not just to spike the investigation, but to actually allow the attacks to go ahead. He argues instead that the responsible Saudi parties basically hoped to sabotage the Mideast peace process by staging an attack on America, which to me smells about as plausible as the idea that the Israelis staged the attacks to allow them to unleash a war on the Arabs. (Either goal could be accomplished with much simpler means, and without risking the wrath of the American leviathan.) Still, Loftus is a scholar with a very interesting site, if absurdly apologeticas to Israel's role in the Arab world. 

I don't know Ruppert, but there's something about him that makes you want to call him by first name. Mike strikes me as courageous and tireless. The site's extensive 9/11 coverage has picked up the trail of 9/11-related insider trading and focused on evidence of foreknowledge and the geopolitics of the conflict, among other issues. I highly recommend the video ofhis three-hour Portland lecture on "The Truth and Lies of 9/11." 
No one can watch it and fail to see that the official story is a farce. Order it today. (This is not a commercial message.) 
Most popular article: "Oh Lucy! - You Gotta Lotta 'Splainin To Do" 
On his 9/11 tour, Ruppert has packed the house for lectures of threeand four hours in New York, San Francisco, and across Canada. Because heis so persistent and outspoken, and because he has put himself on the linefor many years at great personal risk, he has become something akin tothe first hero of the 9/11 Skeptics movement. This is not to say he isperfect. I find it striking that when he makes factual errors, the sitealways issues immediate and complete corrections (including on one minormistake that I wrote him about). One searches in vain for a similar readinessto admit error among his detractors, who make plenty, or among 90 percentof journalists. Ruppert's biggest mistake so far was to ride the Mike Vreelandstory too uncritically. But his central point on Vreeland remains: a conman Vreeland certainly seems to be - which is not incompatible with beinga government spook - but how did he produce a written warning of the attacksin advance of Sept. 11? 
In recent months, Ruppert has been assaulted regularly by various self-appointedguardians of Leftist propriety (=boredom and ineffectiveness), unfortunatelyincluding such medium-size names as Michael Albert, Norman Solomon andDavid Corn. None of them have addressed the facts Ruppert presents, orhad the courage to debate him in person. They have engaged instead in personaland ad hominem attacks, and tried to shut him out of the media. This isa typical fate for those who pursue analysis beyond sociology, and whostand up with the kind of specific evidence of government crime that liberalsare conditioned to denigrate as "conspiracy theory." 
Ruppert's "From the Wilderness" newsletter and "Cop v. CIA" site havebroken more important stories about the Drug War and the gangsters whorule our country than 20 years worth of the New York Times. A former LAPDcop, Ruppert has focused mainly on the CIA-drug connection. He confrontedCIA Director John Deutch with evidence of the agency's drug dealing ata 1996 town meeting in South Central Los Angeles, which was broadcast onC- SPAN. That coup probably stopped Deutch's rise to a higher post, thoughit unfortunately has not made a difference with regard to government-sponsoreddrug dealing. (Interestingly, at the same time, David Corn, Ruppert's mostpersistent detractor, used The Nation to stage ad hominem and inaccurateattacks on Gary Webb's series about CIA-Contra drug dealing, which hassince been confirmed to the last significant detail. Does Corn have a functionother than being a "leftist" flak for official lies?) 
Read what Ruppert writes about CIA-sponsored drug smuggling, the centralcrime in an age when a "Drug War" imprisons millions of noin-violent drugusers in private labor camps, claims thousands of victims on the streets,and levels whole countries. This is possibly the most obvious piece ofevidence that at least to some groups within the United States government,you ARE expendable. 

Perhaps the most talented writer listed here! 
McGowan launches a funny and irreverent broadside on 9/11 and the BigPicture: 
Published at SWANS, Gylles D'Aymery's biweekly e-zine: 
Also at SWANS: 
Jon Phalen: "Let's Step Out Of The Box For A Moment, Shall We? A reply To The Anticonspiratorialists" 

Dave McGowan's main site, with plenty of material and speculation on9/11. 

The biggest scholarly treatment of the circumstantial case for "insidejob" theory to date. The final chapter, which can be downloaded on site,is an excellent rendering of the "who benefits" argument. 
Published by Media Monitors Network (MMN): 

One of the largest stores of 9/11 Skeptic material, from a New Yorkerwho seems to have devoted his life since Sept. 11 to researching all possibleleads on the story. Incredibly detailed timelines of Sept. 11, the backgrounddating back to Operation Northwoods in 1962, and post-Sept. 11 events.Extreme but intelligent in running through every possible speculation onevery piece of evidence, without being inflexible in revising conclusionsthat prove not to fit. Somebody has to take on that role, but it meansGZ is best for those who have already immersed themselves in the details.Most of the material was originally posted on discussion boards, and sothe organization is a bit sloppy. This site needs an editor, but is wellworth exploring. 
GZ's Forum on Democratic Underground: 

If you can handle a 23 megabyte file, be sure to download GZ's copyof a 10-minute propaganda documentary (in Quicktime MOV format) about Bush'svisit to the Booker Elementary School in Sarasota on the morning of Sept.11. See the president's limousine arrive. See the president listen to schoolchildrenreading in chorus. See the president hear the news of the second attack.See the president remain seated as the children read the story of a girland her pet goat. I don't know what is scarier, the man's faked emotionsor the class itself, with its forced instruction by obedient repetition.(A showcase of the Bush brand of "education.") Hard to believe the filmproducers use this smoking-gun evidence of the Resident's total inactivityin the face of an ongoing "Attack on America" as an inspiring pro-Bushpiece, but clearly we live in Orwellian times. Ignorance is Strength. 

An anti-media spin project. Excellent agit-prop videos, including "Crackthe CIA," a Sundance Festival winner, and "Surfing the Apocalypse," on9/11 in the media. Always interesting interviews and news items in the"Pick of the Day." Humorous approach. 
GNN has a large active following, with continuous posts on its variousforums: 
The "Open Forum" tends to be as 9/11 heavy as the "9/11" and "Conspiracy"forums. The posters, who are almost uniformly against the Bush government,debate vigorously every side of the 9/11 question, from "Qaeda did it alone"to "Yes, it was Qaeda, but the government let it happen" to "It was a setupfrom the start." 

Orlin Grabbe, happy butcher of sacred cows, is a money consultant witha sense of humor who presents links every day on the war, issues of "privacy,espionage, money laundering..." and a usually entertaining miscellany,with a special interest in speculative science and technology. The sitereliably links to most of the relevant 9/11 news stories of the day. Outspokenas a skeptic, Grabbe has openly propagated the "inside job" theory, provideda huge list of reports to establish the Bush-Binladin family link ("Moreevidence than for the Osama-WTC link") and reported on Michael Riconosciuto'srecollections of meeting Osama Binladin in the U.S. in 1986, when Osamawent on a weapons shopping tour under the pseudonym of "Tim Osman." Grabbeseems to live in Dubai at the moment. Maybe he could get to the botom ofthe French story about Osama's kidneys? 
Devoted to a simplistic Randian libertarianism, Grabbe never minceswords or disguises what he thinks is the truth. He has no compunction aboutspringing obvious hoaxes and seeing who falls for it, which is mildly unsettlinggiven how outlandish 9/11 Skepticism already seems to most people. In hisday job, Grabbe is trying to establish some kind of new untraceable wayof trading dollars, euros and gold on the Internet known as DMT, the instructionsfor which are written in impenetrable tech-speak. (Sometimes he awards$100 DMT certificates to the first person who can register them. This motivatedme to download the software, but I wasn't fast enough to snag one, andwouldn't have known what to do with it if I did.) Whether or not you areon his political line, he sure knows his spook world. If you want an expert'sprimer on off-shore cash laundries, the mechanics of political payola,banking and finance, encryption and the like, this is it. You must delveinto the archives to see most of the WTC-related links. 
WARNING: For some reason, Grabbe adds a soft-porn pic everyday - nannies beware. (NOTE TO PROF. GRABBE: Your taste in photosis pretty good, though I liked it better before you went topless.) 

Updated daily, usually has all the key war-related and 9/11 media newslinks. Indispensable for that reason. Principled antiwar stance, mainlyfrom a libertarian perspective, dating back to the site's establishmentduring the Kosovo war. Heterogenous group of writers, from Cockburn onthe left to (sigh) Buchanan on the right. Often brilliant regular columnsby a number of writers, including correspondants in Britain, Yugoslaviaand Israel. 
The editor and popular columnist, Justin Raimondo, has perfected a funny,loudmouth style. He takes no prisoners among the neocon and imperial-liberalwar factions, exposing hypocrisy and cant without mercy. Unfortunately,he pushes the strange idea that Bush personally must be "a good man," whateverthe insanity of the dictatorship in the making. (And what if this was true?It's not like W is actually president, is it? Either de facto, or by election.) 
Raimondo believes the attack was staged by Qaeda, but clearly doesnot think we have heard the real low-down. He is almost as bad as Rivero,below, in pushing the Israeli spy-ring story to the exclusion of all else,and he seriously dissed McKinney without bothering to address her argument.He clearly enjoys the attack, at which he is very talented, and often forgetsto do anything but. He also spends too much time considering ideologicallabels (left, right, liberal, conservative) that now obscure more thanthey illumininate. 
After he published his eighth straight column suggesting the Israelisknew about the attacks in advance and did not warn the U.S. (untrue!),or possibly staged the whole thing (to what end?!), basing his belief intwo cryptic sentences from a FOXNEWS story (fer Chrissakes) and a leakedreport from the DEA (that fount of truth in investigation), I finally wrotehim a letter: 

Dear Justin,  
have you noticed that for months you have rehashed the exact samequotes and reports in a quixotic effort to show that the Israeli Art Studentswere the hidden masterminds of 9/11? It's wearing thin, especially sincethese same reports reveal that this Israeli spy ring must have been veryincompetent. I bother to point this out because otherwise, I hold yourwork and site in high regard. Change the record. Switch for a month tothe theory that elements of the domestic establishment were complicit inthe attacks, and must have had the commanding role, regardless of who elsewas involved. You will suddenly have material enough to cover several dozencolumns, without repeating yourself. As for the research, I'm sure youdon't need my pointers. You are well aware of the credible 9/11 Skeptics,some of whom have written for you in the past.  
In amity...  
Raimondo hasn't switched to the topic I suggested, but during the lastcouple of weeks he did finally return to subjects other than the Israeliart students. 

ONLINE JOURNAL - Larry Chin, Bev Conover, eds. 
Recommended independent news and commentary site. A veritable nestof skeptics. Many writers contribute. Regularly updated. 
Bev Conover: "Has the Establishment Left become a handmaiden ofthe Republican Right?" 
Takes on the left-liberal anti-conspiratorialists. 

Has featured excellent and  well-researched coverage from thestart. 
Recommended are any and all articles by Patrick Martin. 
Patrick Martin: "Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack?"(4-part series) 
"It is not necessary to postulate an all-embracingconspiracy, 
extending from the White House to the airline securitypersonnel 
who let the armed hijackers board the planes, to believethat 
there is much more to the story of the September 11attacks than 
the American public has been told so far. Certainlythe least 
likely and least credible explanation of that day'sevents 
is that the vast US national security apparatus wasentirely unaware of the activities of the hijackers until the airlinersslammed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon..." 

Unavoidable, another site with millions of hits. Jeff Rense is a talk-radiohost with a huge following, and is to be commended for openness to dissentingviews from across the political spectrum. Definitely open to 9/11 Skepticism,the site enjoys a great number of intelligent correspondents and plentyof more dubious ones, too. The daily collection of suppressed stories andimportant news is mixed in with items on metaphysics, UFOs, and "chemtrails."But I'm willing to entertain many notions until disproven. The importantreality to note here is that despite the frequent use of hearsay and theabundance of material too "magical" for the mainstream, Rense is dealingwith more significant issues, in a more honest fashion, than at least 90%of the mainstream press. 
Two Recent Submissions: 
"A Pilot Answers 911 Questions JCS General Myers Wouldn't" 
Wow! Demolishes the officialstory in about a page flat. 
"Why? - An Extraordinary Series Of 911 Questions" 
Many of the extremely detailed lines of questioning set out here areindeed unusual and well-conceived, but this text needs editing and fact-checking.I don't know who wrote it. It doesn't help your credibility when you getthe name of the FBI director wrong in the very first headline. (He's RobertMueller 3, not Richard.) 
Something for all skeptics to beware:  
There is enough confusion and we are dealing witha majority who will automatically want to disbelieve our case. The lastthing we can afford is gaffes on names and other easily confirmable details!  
End of lecture. 

Intriguing and also generally very funny articles by a former Iran-Contraconspirator who claims many inside military and intel sources. Has gottenmillions of hits. Often extraordinary and convincing analysis of the bigpicture, but  what to make of the various inside-source claims? Weare left with the usual question, with all sites: Do you trust a voicein text? Stored electronically? Because that is usually all you have togo on (including with newspapers, official sources, information wires,etc.) to begin with, and then you must judge whether that voice fits inwith what you see and remains reliable over time.. 
To be reviewed in detail soon. 
Scams Away The Boom is Falling, May 22, 2002 
Citizen, Can I See Your I.D.? 
Imperial State Power in America 
DoJ Cover-Up Specialist Bobby Mueller Named FBI Chief 

Excellent site against the Drug War. 
Includes an article and 9/11-related links on the following page: 
PRESTON PEET: "Pre-September 11 Reports of Terrorist Threats, IncludingReferences to World Trade Center - Why Did it Take 8 Months?" 

"The New Enlightenment - A Journal of Social and Metaphysical Inquiry" 
Creative, thoughtful, humorous site. Among the many interesting articlessee: 
"The Necessity for Enlightened Thinking" 
"Daring to Think the Unthinkable About Sept. 11" 
Police State USA? 

BERNARD WEINER: "The Bush 9/11 Scandal for Dummies" 
Done in Q&A form, argues that the administration knew an attackwas coming and intentionally chose not to act, so as to gain carte blanchefor its political program. Important because the author argues from a standardliberal perspective, and even ends with a pitch to vote Democratic in 2002.Skepticism is taking hold in the mainstream. 
Published on the TRUTHOUT NEWS & POLITICS  site: 

A well-written and prolific blog, has taken the jackhammer to manyofficial myths, including the inconsistencies in evidence surrounding thealleged 9/11 hijackers and the impossible contradictions in the variouslegends about Mohamed Atta and others. Updated constantly. If it's no longeron the front page, search for the hilarious mid-June deconstruction ofa Monty Python sketch on ABC NEWS, which starred a woman alleging to be"Johnelle Bryant," an "Agriculture Department" employee in "Florida" towhom "Atta" "applied for a loan to buy a cropduster," one month beforehe actually entered the United States in May 2000. And that's merely thelikeliest part of the story... 

CHERYL SEAL: "The Case Against G.W. Bush: a Preliminary "Hearing"in the Court of Common Sense" 
Good timeline of the Sept. 11 attacks, strong argument that high officialswere complicit in allowing the attacks to go ahead. Excellent overviewof stories suggesting prior knowledge, with a few items not usually cited.Dubious-seeming theory about what happened at the Pentagon, but she doeshave one evidentiary item in its favor. 

Fine writing on the absurdity of the official 9/11 story, as well asthe Yugoslavia war, the agents provocateurs who set off the rioting atthe 1999 Seattle WTO protests, the War-by-Ritalin waged on American children,and more. 

Another 9/11 Skeptic tries to draw a full picture of the attacks incontext. Well-argued. Various perspectives on what may have happened atthe Pentagon. Concludes with a plausible speculative model on how the attacksmay have occurred as a grand plot, but involving only a few dozen directcontrollers. 

Long treatment of the attacks, begins with detailed look at the originalWorld Trade Center bombing in 1993, deconstructing the official story inthat case. No conclusions as to what/who was really behind 9/11. 

Max Kolskegg: "9/11:  A Desperate Provocation By U.S. Capitalism" 
A Marxist laments that the Left has failed to ask the relevant questionsabout 9/11, and merely accepted at face value the line presented by thegovernment, asking questions like "Why do THEY hate us?" without even botheringwith "What actually happened?" Kolskegg argues that an "inside job," regardlessof the exact line-up of perpetrators and accomplices, would necessarilyinvolve an element of desperation in the face of the now intractable globaleconomic and financial crisis of the American-centered system. 

Must reading: "The 25 Rules of Disinformation." 
A worthy introduction to the mechanics of disinformation campaignsand media manipulation. Revealing analysis of various 9/11 sub-plots withregard to the Taliban and the oil pipelines, the pro-Taliban lobby in theU.S., etc. Interesting argument questioning the validity of the Le Figarostory about Osama meeting the CIA in Dubai in July 2001. (In the meantime,it turns out that Carlyle only owns 4% of Le Figaro and anyway, the storyactually originated with French radio, but Sweeney's points about curiositiesin the story itself are worth considering.) 
Too simplistically focused on oil as the cause of the war. This sitecould use more updates and an editor. - ALTERNATIVE NEWS / LINKS 
Links to news reports supporting the skeptical case as well as anti-statistand conspiracy articles of all stripes, from left to right. Site managersseem to believe in a version of the New World Order theory centered onthe United Nations, but always has interesting items, without politicalfilters. 


RUSS KICK: "September 11, 2001: No Surprise" 

Michael Rowbotham: "Written In Belief" 

Jim Marrs: "Frameup" 

"The Obscure Goat Story of 9-11" 

A one-man daily counter-analysis of everything you think you know. A real mind trip. Just when you think you have him nailed down, he slips out of your grasp. Often brilliant, sometimes exasperating. Wish he'd put more beef on the site, instead of the pay-newsletter. But everyone's gotta make a living. 

This is the New York version of a network of "Independent Media" sites that arose from the Seattle 1999 protests and the "anti-globalization" movement. Definitely the place for news on demonstrations and organizing against the summits of the global power elite, IMF, G-8, World Bank, Davos, EU, etc. The links on the left lead to IMC sites around the world. The most interesting stuff (along with a lot of pointless tirades) is usually in the posts by readers, in the rightmost column, which allow responses. The main articles of the IMC sites, in the center column, tend to be big on left-liberation rhetoric and yet tepid in their conclusions. The ones on domestic American politics that do not feature the rise of the new police state (a villain we can all agree on) usually cater harmlessly to too many political flavors, from liberal democrats to peace punks to the hard left. Often very good articles about the rest of the world, but the "IMC" brand name overstates the case. In the final analysis, this is a ring of sites run mostly by individuals, just like almost all of the other sites listed here. 

Citizens for Legitimate Government, calls to action 
Established after the 2000 election to "resist the Bush coup in all of its manifestations." Another regularly updated site, well-done site with many links to suspicious 9/11 and general panic stories, as well as the various ongoing crimes of the administration. But who is this "President Gore" they keep talking about? Do they mean the one whose resistance to the Bush coup pre-Sept. 11 was to grow a beard and post-Sept. 11 amounted to standing up and saying, "President Bush is my commander-in-chief"? 

Perhaps should not allow people the option of including comments, as this encourages trolls, rhetoric, and hate speeches. Up to  13,420 "signatures." Well-intentioned but honestly, I don't see what an online petition accomplishes, since it's even easier to fake than a paper version and the Senate won't heed it regardless. Also, no one who wants the true story should think that they have done their part towards gaining disclosure by clicking on the petition (or forwarding a chain e-mail). We need organization, street protests, media, lobby work, legal work, creative propaganda... When you take a petition to a street table, you are achiving profile among those who buy the official story. 
The group who began the Petition to the Senate to Investigate the Oddities Involving 9/11 Terrorist Attacks has a website 
And a Yahoo group: 

GONE MISSING! Now Archived by   
The largest and most comprehensive collection of 
"Hundreds of domestic, foreign, mainstream and alternative documents confirming the US had prior knowledge, funded, trained, shepherded in and protected the al-Qaeda network and allowed September 11th to happen." 

September 11, 2001 - 9 Unpopular Ideas - Robert Lederman 
Provocative theses and style. 
"Chandra Levy Found Just in Time to Save George Bush" 
Lederman, who waged a relentless crusade against Rudy Giuliani on diverse issues such as the persecution of artists under his 8-year regime and the spraying of pesticides over New York in reaction to West Nile virus, has an otherwise interesting site on topics including the influential Manhattan Institute, the doctrine of population control, and relationships between American money elites and the Nazis. 

LARGE archive of talk-radio clips by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Mike Ruppert, Tom Flocco, John Rapoport, Michael Springmann and many others. The webmaster is unfortunately enamored of David Icke (the Alien Lizard theorist). 

There is no avoiding this site, which now gets more hits than Another milestone for the media revolution, since this is a one-man site, though it is less impressive than it sounds: the main Newsweek mirror is at MS-NBC. (Do the mainstream media even bother disguising their monopoly structure anymore?) 
Like it or not, "WhatReallyHappened" is probably the most visited of all 9/11 Skeptic sites, with several million hits a week, and Rivero unapologetically propagates the fake terror/inside job theory. He manages to update daily and tracks down nearly every story backing the skeptical case. 
Absolutely check out the quotes page. 
The archives are impressive, especially the work on the CIA drug pipeline into Mena Airport in Arkansas in the 1980s, a crime that implicates both then Vice-President  Bush and the governor who provided the cover, Bill Clinton. Mena is a miniature of the lie at the heart of American politics: that either major party is in any way serious. Also worth a long look are the sections on Operation Mockingbird, about the history of CIA infiltration among journalists and the media, and on the Vince Foster case. Rather weaker is the section on the 2000 election, in which Rivero, who spent years going after Clinton, claims Gore was the one who tried to steal the vote. Evidence? Photos of election workers being too vigorous in shaking the chads. Give me a break - Brother Jeb and Katherine Harris stole the show in advance of the election. (See Palast review, above.) 
As relentlessly as Rivero attacks and exposes the government spin of the day, he has increasingly engaged in his own Daily Spin, not to mention overkill on the patriotic rhetoric. In supporting his rant of the moment, he constantly recycles old articles and puts them up with the current date, and often fails to recall if a given story was refuted long ago. He has no compunctions about taking the flimsiest evidence and adding overblown statements, delivered with the finality of an angry Superman pounding the table at the Justice League of America. Every day he will announce definitive scoops on everything under the sun with headlines: "Aha! I told you John Walker Lindh was a CIA plant!" I cite this example because I think it's a very credible idea that Johnny Taliban was part of a psy-op with the intent of producing a bogus "America searches for her soul" story that would fill the media for a month (which it did, incredibly). But how the hell does Rivero know that for sure? He is incapable of self-doubt, and often contradicts yesterday's revelation with today's. 
In recent months one target turned into his true obsession: the Jews. I agree with his motto that "telling the truth is not hate speech," but his generally justified criticisms of Israel and Zionism are pitched in a way that panders to Jew-haters. I have seen plenty of people propagate the Big Lie about "4,000 Jews did not go to work at the WTC on 9/11" (although hundreds of Jewish New Yorkers died in the disaster) and then link to WhatReallyHappened as their favorite news source. Before you scream "guilt by association," Rivero himself played on this theme by asking why a cited estimate of 130 possible Israeli national fatalities was revised down to only one, and pretending this is evidence that Israelis in general received advance warnings. (Because he is extremely well-informed, I am sure he is aware that the original estimates of 400 British dead were revised to about 80, and the cited 120 Japanese and 80 German fatalities were revised down to the single digits.) 
Until November 2001, the site had a broad and open-minded approach to 9/11. Since the story about the Israeli spy ring operating inside the United States broke that month, however, Rivero has focused on rants against Israel, almost to the exclusion of all else. No matter what new 9/11 story breaks, Rivero is sure to announce that the U.S. government has arranged it as yet another "planned distraction" from the story of the Israeli spy ring. He even claimed this of the Enron scandal and the White House 9/11 foreknowledge revelations! Rivero quotes the same sentence from FOXNEWS reporter Carl Cameron, about how information on the Israeli spy ring is classified, literally 15 times on his front page. When he's "proving" 9/11 must have been an Israeli job, he makes the case just as totally (and simplistically) as when he "proves" that it was a cabal within the U.S. government. So what do you really believe, Michael Rivero? 
Rivero regularly accuses others of spreading misinformation and has naturally been attacked as a misinformation artist himself, but I think he is at least as genuine as the New York Post, to which he often links. His site is the angry tabloid of the 9/11 Skeptics movement. But the single note of righteous outrage, however justified, has worn thin. I wish he would learn the important arts of self-reflection and self-restraint. 

Big prior knowledge page, recommended: 
The rest of the INFOWARS site mixes the solid with the dubious. Jones is a talk-radio patriot host in a rage about the Bohemian Grove, UN forces in black helicopters, the coming required implantation of microchips in all citizens, etc., unfortunately combined with an anti-immigrant stance that he mixes into a highly streamlined version of the New World Order as internationalist plot. 
Jones has produced a documentary video, "911: The Road to Tyranny," which can be downloaded in its entirety here: 
His position on Sept. 11 is unequivocal: 
"My friends, the government just didn't have prior knowledge of the September 11th al Qaeda attacks.  They actually funded, trained, protected, coddled, and shepherded al Qaeda into this country.  Trained many of the terrorists at Pensacola Naval Air Station, U.S.A., threatened F.B.I. and defense intelligence officers who tried to stop al Qaeda, threatened them with arrest. Bush signed now public document W199I two months before September 11, threatening them with arrest if they tried to stop al Qaeda." 
We can argue or make excuses about what the motivations may have been at each step; yet these statements are each true. Why shouldn't we combine them into a big picture, as Jones does, rather than always assume government incoherence? 
I have watched the first part of the video, which reduces the history of the last century, including the world wars, to manipulations designed to justify world government. Most of the facts he presents are true in themselves, but too boldly strung together and often far too simply rendered. The logical development of a system that always required the selective use of totalitarian means as the solution for its inevitable self-generated crises plays no role in his understanding of history; it's always a unified set of top-level controllers driving all events in the long term. (Don't they ever fight among themselves? Apparently not, because they are "Satanists.") 
The problem is that, despite his delivery in the style of the Great Kreskin, Jones is right about the present move towards the establishment of a dehumanized tyranny. His angry, preachy style will not be reaching the urban/suburban mainstream, but then again the mainstream is in for a lot of ugly surprises that will make them wish they had felt more reason to be enraged long ago. He is brave, having infiltrated the Bohemian Grove with a hidden camera, and confronted at public events Janet Reno about the Waco massacre and George W. Bush (then governor) about the Federal Reserve. He seems honest in his opposition to the whole establishment. He loudly opposes the rise of a domestic police state, yet seems to see the sources of it in an anonymous, quasi-foreign power. (How does he propose to control immigration without a police state?) But since the U.S. government really IS establishing a dictatorship, complete with prison camps already in action, and since the possibilities of microchip implantation and enforced vaccinations really have been raised, I can agree with anyone on the primary defense of upholding the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as the highest and absolute laws of the land. 
Alex Jones is reaching an audience largely immune to complex theory, and warning them to fight the rise of a tyranny that a more sophisticated analysis suggests is coming as a logical consequence of systemic crisis anyway. What comes of it - how Jones's potential audience (or should I say following?) reacts when the crisis really hits - is an open question. 

David Schippers claims government ignored specific advance warnings in interview by Alex Jones: 
Transcript of May 30th Schippers/Judicial Watch press conference with FBI Special Agent Robert Wright, broadcast on C-SPAN: 
Schippers became known to Americans as the prosecutor in the Clinton impeachment. For many people, this may fail to inspire trust. As a conservative source (but registered Democrat), in the Jones interview Schippers claims he was privy to specific FBI warnings that an attack was coming, that it would involve hijacked airliners and the obvious targets in Lower Manhattan and Washington. He says he called a number of officials about the warnings weeks in advance, including his former friend John Ashcroft, but was blown off. Investigations that could have prevented the attacks were obstructed or delayed, Schippers says. 
As of October 2001, Schippers was representing a number of unnamed FBI agents who reportedly claim they could have nailed the hijackers before Sept. 11, if they had been allowed: 
Of Schippers' clients, so far Special Agent Robert Wright in Chicago has been brought forward in an action staged together with Judicial Watch. Wright spoke at the May 30 press conference, linked above. 
Judicial Watch also claims that the administration is withholding information on advance knowledge of the anthrax attacks, noting that White House staff was fed Cipro immediately after Sept. 11, as the White House has admitted. 
But this particular press release, which has been up without revision since October, strains to make the untenable link between the anthrax attacks and Iraq, precisely the accusation raised by the likes of James Woolsey, Richard Butler and others who seize on any excuse to level Iraq, preferably yesterday. JW cites as credible their whole-cloth speculation that Mohamed Atta may have received anthrax from an Iraqi agent in Prague, and even suggests that the Bush administration is covering this up out of a reluctance to strike Iraq. (This will come as news to Pentagon planners who are preparing the upcoming strike on Iraq.) In the meantime, the anthrax has been traced to U.S. government stockpiles and the Czech authorities have admitted they never saw Atta meeting the Iraqi agent. Is JW going to issue a correction? 
Most recently (June 7) JW sued the government to release evidence on the anthrax attack: 
"Judicial Watch Wants to Know Why White House Went on Cipro Beginning September 11th: What Was Known and When?"  
A commendable and necessary action, but the group remains dubious. 
Given the gravity of JW's accusations with regard to 9/11 and anthrax, it is disturbing to see that the JW web site at the moment (June 18) is filled mainly with news about a defamation of character suit against Clinton and James Carville on behalf of petulant Robert Barr, a well-known expert in the arts of innuendo and defamation. Where is the sense of proportion? How serious is Judicial Watch about its 9/11 cases? 
Schippers, who is not directly affiliated with JW, is slippery about what he really knows or thinks. In the interview with Jones, he wobbles vaguely between implying the attacks were intentionally allowed to go ahead and the thesis of investigative failure due to bureaucratic obstruction. At times he seems to suggest the failure was caused by a politically correct, ideological unwillingness to go after Arabs. The interview veers off into extraneous apocrypha in the same vein, for example about secret signals in the Binladin videos. 
A sample: Schippers: "I just heard about the young man whose sister was injured in the World Trade Center and he put up an American flag and some American slogans on his locker at school. They gave him a ten-day suspension because they said it might be offensive to some of the Arab students." Uh huh. So he heard. No school, city or source is actually mentioned. To which Jones responds sarcastically, "Let's stop the evil American flag from being flown at your business or at your university, but let's leave the Hamas people alone." For what it is worth, I challenge Schippers to demonstrate that this incident really happened as described.  
The role of Schippers and Klayman is suspicious because they seem to withhold much of their information, suggesting treasonous activities on the part of the government and yet invariably concluding that the agencies of this same government must be given greater police powers to get at perpetrators unspecified. In effect, their most recent efforts are aiding the "controlled-burn" propaganda campaign to limit and spin 9/11 revelations in a fashion that supports the development of a police state, and they have so far avoided calling for disclosure of what happened on Sept. 11 itself. 
This crew gets a lot of play on spook-oriented and overtly pro-Bush news sources like NEWSMAX, which is busy with its usual Clinton-obsessed jeremiad and trying to spin all 9/11 evidence to implicate the infinitely corrupt Clinton and exonerate the innocent (but too easily duped) Bush. 
They may be genuine, they may be bought, or they may merely be looking for a new line of work against the sitting administration, now that their favorite bogeyman has left Washington. But these lawyers manage to combine strict ideology with more than a dash of opportunism, and they seem unlikely to entertain theses that do not fit their agenda of the moment, no matter what evidence comes up. 

Skolnick, who began his career as a legal crusader by successfully exposing corrupt judges in the 1960s, still runs an investigative office and hosts a cable TV show in Chicago. Since the attacks, he has espoused his version of an "inside job" theory in a continuing series of articles called "The Overthrow of the American Republic." 
The most astonishing items Skolnick presents, he claims derive from his own research and protected sources, quite possibly his imagination. One must concede his point that the manipulators of high power don't generally leave a documentary record around for anyone to find, but how does Skolnick always end up geting the full inside dope? To me, his hidden histories of the last 30 years are too complete and detailed to be all true, though they contain much valid information, and he is too facile in delivering instantaneous assessments of every event that comes along. 
At the opposite extreme from solemn ideologue leftists like Michael Albert of Z-Magazine - the man who refuses to look at events and empirical evidence (or even engage in debate) because he thinks a set of abstract categories invented by Methuselah already tells him everything he will ever need to know - Skolnick is incapable of seeing anything in history but the Big Plot. He at least describes a world in which the actions of the powerful are attributable to the realistic motive of securing power and wealth. 
There is a whiff of a naive patriot's hope for benevelont tyranny in his description of a military conspiracy of "flag officers," whom he says intended to arrest Clinton (the bastard son of a Rockefeller, if we believe Skolnick) as the first step in restoring the American Republic to its original constitutional form. These secret White Hats are still waiting for their moment against Bush, though Skolnick identifies a number of them as officers who have been killed (or assassinated) in plane crashes. Bad as government by the well-connected mobsters of both major parties and their sponsors has been, it's impossible to see how this particular "solution" would bring anything but bottomless disaster and fascism or civil war. 
Skolnick seems to have never met a conspiracy theory he didn't like, and I am reluctant to cite him on anything without independent confirmation. Which is no reason not to use his material as a springboard to further research. His series on the death of a group of inconvenient witnesses during the Watergate scandal, in the crash of  United Airlines Flight UA533 in 1973 ("The Secret History of Plane Sabotage") is quite interesting. 
The most explosive potential finding he brings up concerns the following: 
After the Gulf War, several thousand anti-Saddam Iraqi prisoners of war were allowed into the United States as asylum-seekers and resettled in a number of towns, including a couple of thousand in Oklahoma City and Lincoln, Nebraska. Skolnick says members of this group were organized by U.S. intelligence services as a hidden mercenary force and used in black ops by both the Bush and Clinton administrations. These are trained military or intelligence officers, and Skolnick expects one of them is the Arab "John Doe No. 2" tied by many to Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing. As usual citing his own exclusive intelligence sources, Skolnick says this group provided the actual foot-soldiers of the Sept. 11 attacks, which were allowed to go ahead in full foreknowledge by a cornered Bush administration as "America's Reichstag Fire." Let us note also that if U.S. covert operators recruited among this group, then they would have excellent Arabic-speaking agents for infiltrating Qaeda. Of course, genuine Qaeda operatives might themselvesview these anti-Saddam Iraqis as a perfect pool of potentials recruits. The question then becomes: who is a double, who is a triple agent? 

"The Mother of All Lies About Sept. 11" 
"Electronic Hijack" 
"The First 9/11" (White House Kamikaze, Sept. 11, 1994) 
I hesitate to link to Vialls, a British engineer who in other articles cannot stop jabbering in truly vicious and inhuman fashion about the nasty, all-powerful Jews or the treacherous French, and whose reasoning frequently seems to derail into the outlandish. But these three articles in particular engage in limited speculation, and have been influential among certain skeptics, so I include them here. The first questions the story of whether Barbara Olson really called anyone from Flight 77, and is difficult to argue with. The next two lay out a possible version of how the planes may have been hijacked by remote control, using a pre-installed system designed to allow control from the ground. But once the planes were taken over by remote, even if the pilots could not override the system, what kept them from making radio contact about their dilemma? 

Militia-oriented anti-government site, dates back to Ruby Ridge. Rather disturbing mission statement holds that, "A Patriot is one who loves God, Family and Country... We believe Patriots should rule America." The site is full of kitsch. 
The APFN network was originally a chain-fax group galvanized by two genuine domestic atrocities of the government: Ruby Ridge and Waco. They believe the Oklahoma City bombing and the Sept. 11 attacks continue in the same vein, as acts of a federal government looking for pretexts to overthrow the Constitution. I wish they could get past their limited perspective, for example by acknowledging that the fury of the state is not limited to "Patriots." After all, an earlier version of Waco occurred with the bombing of the MOVE house in Philadelphia in 1985 - but oh my God, those were black radicals! The self-idenfitied members of the Patriots' movement are simply incapable of accepting that the government they fight is genuinely American (albeit unconstitutional and war-generating) and so they assume the real enemy lies in a foreign force (the NWO, Israel, or some form of Socialism) that has secretly corrupted or taken over the government. That being said, dissidents on the left and the right now face the same emerging dictatorship, and leftists themselves need to acknowledge that Waco, the seminal event in the right-wing militia mind-set, was a bona-fide massacre by the U.S. government. Is there a way anti-statists on the left and right can transcend their differences so as to defend and expand democratic rights? It would help if APFN were more circumspect about the symbols and meaning of patriotism, and willing to tolerate its many different expressions. It would help if they see that America is a word with many different meanings. The "America" I love is not a flag, a song, or a myth of the Founding Fathers - it is a people with good and bad among them, like any other. 

This newsletter, which aims to devise a non-exploitative finance system, has declared 9/11 a "grand plot" to transform the world in the service of ruling elites. 

CovertAction Quarterly 
Unfortunately this important magazine's site has not been updated this century. This is not a review, it is a plea. 


Behind the FOXy Facade
Is Matthew Drudge a Hidden 9/11 Skeptic?  

What the hell, it sounds like the kind of story he would "break." I include his site  because Drudge is the Zeitgeist. This is what we must deal with. If you want to know what the Dilbert Majority are talking about in their cubicles, Drudge's trash sheet is reliable for accurately gauging the Media Hysteria of the Day, whatever it is. Plus he has links to the entire American Punditocracy and half the major news sites in the world. Drudge is basically a self-made gossip columnist who, like Rivero, gets more hits than Newsweek. Who the hell said the Media Revolution would be progressive? 

REUTERS | Breaking News from Around the Globe 
Not yet. 



Has expertly written up findings of the major skeptic sites and relevant news stories in German in a long-running and fully detailed series of articles. 

Has done the same as Bader, just as ably, with more of the speculative elements. 

Interview with the former minister of science and technology in the German government under Helmut Schmidt, who quit to devote himself to whistleblowing on the world's intelligence communities. Von Bülow calls out the whole ball of 9/11 wax as an operation "to brainwash the masses of the West," and even runs with the idea of remote-control planes. 

Monitor - Beiträge 
Falsche Übersetzung bei der Binladin-Video! 

Austellung Krieg begann nicht am 11. September 




OPEN FORUMS where 9/11 skeptics and semi-skeptics converge to hash out what the hell they think: 

GUERILLA NEWS FORUMS bin/wwwthreads/ 

cia-drugs group on yahoo 

Democratic Underground Forums 

Fallout Shelter Yahool Group: 

This can be viewed, but you have to get the manager's permission to join. Is it a coincidence it is full of weird religion and copious hokum? Many of the posters seem to be professional fantasists or misinformation artists. (Did you know that the WTC was knocked down using advanced scalar weapons operated by Yakuza agents?) Nevertheless, many interesting posts. And you never know what may turn out to be true, in the end. 
Watch for posts by "Rosalinda."  
The main site, worth a look, is managed by Rayelan, the wife of Gunther Russbacher, who claimed to have been a pilot in the October Surprise negotiations in 1980 and was allegedly framed for another crime and imprisoned. 




No particular order, though I have grouped a few favorites at the top. I have not delved very far into most of these. Many seem to focus on remote control planes, the possible demolition of the Twin Towers, alternative versions of how the Pentagon was hit, the idea that Islamist extremists may not have been involved in the attacks at all, possible occult or religious backgrounds, the idea that John O'Neill may have been murdered on 9/11, the idea that 9/11 as an internal coup was actually directed against the Bush government, or the "New World Order" as the integrated long-term plan of a global cabal. Given the extent of the lies surrounding 9/11, all of these questions need to be asked, though I personally doubt all but one of these theses. 
As always: Caveat lector! 

What's Left in Suburbia (Gowans) 

William Thomas - Backlash (911 summary) 

HeadBlast by David Cogswell 

PIRATE NEWS - September 911 Surprise 


911- What Really Happened in NYC? 

The September 11th World Trade Center Demolition 

Crimes Against Humanity 

New Dawn Research Team: "STRIKE AGAINST CIVIL LIBERTIES: Terrorism and the War on Freedom" 

The CIA, Insider Trading and the WTC Terror Attack 

Executive Intelligence Review - LaRouche Publications 

Bernard von NotHaus: "The Nazi-ization of America. September 11th and the Reign of Government Terror to Follow!" 

CENSORED ON FR: Osamagate! 


Exposing The 11th September 2001 Lies 

III&E -- September 11, 2001 

Truth About the 9/11 Attacks 

War On Americans? | More 911 Questions (NWO-oriented) (stormtronic) 

911 Conspiracy -- Terrorists Only Pawns 


Axis of Corporate Evil (site on Carlyle Group, Enron, etc.) 

Dubya and the Terrorists 

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More Site Policy, Politics and Disclaimers:   

1. Search for original sources and fact check. 
It is up to the reader to do their own fact checking. Most of these links lead to secondary treatments and essays based on reports from the press. 
The Internet affords an unprecedented opportunity to get news about foreign events directly from foreign sources, and to track down wire service and media stories to their original, local sources. This is the vital first step in checking stories. Almost all news reports are second-hand from other news reports, obviously, and one should never trust what one source claims another said. Tracking down and acquiring a story's first published source once took days or weeks, and required the resources of a large library or intelligence agency. Now it can be done by search engines, within minutes or seconds. Wearisome as it might be to seek out all perspectives, it is the only way to become truly informed about events, given the many layers of obfuscation, misinformation and plain confusion. Please get into this excellent habit! 
Unfortunately, many news sites dump their archives every couple of weeks, which allows them to revise or ignore their own past reporting and raises the disturbing specter that we are close to Orwell's "memory hole." So  save those stories, skeptics! 

2. Your webmaster's political bias. 
I qualify as a leftist, I confess. So what. In fact, I am anarchist in most of my views, and for many years I accepted the dictum that if voting could change the system, it would be illegal. But after sneering ineffectively at the tweedledum-tweedledee of electoral politics for too long, I am ready in this time of great danger to accept the reality that we do not have direct democratic institutions. We must begin changing the system by working on the institutions that exist. We must attempt to at least influence the Congress, as the most democratic body within our undemocratic federal government. 

3. Tolerance for different political flavors. 
The conventional political spectrum is increasingly meaningless. Many liberals and even some leftists are leading the war charge alongside the neoconservatives, defending the related transformation in government and economy, supporting the emergent police state, and assisting in the 9/11 coverup. What should matter in politics is freedom, justice and truth, and many people who define themselves as conservative or right-wing are among the most principled and brave critics both of the system and the 9/11 coverup. 
I share most libertarian views, even if I find it hard to subscribe to their vision of a "free market," which can only ever degenerate into the rule of the rich. True libertarians are as mistrustful of concentrated economic power as they are of states. They are in the forefront of the struggle for personal freedom, citizens' rights as defined in the Bill of Rights, open and democratic government, an end to the insane drug war, and an end to imperial aggressions and wars. That is enough of a shared agenda that anti-statist leftists should be willing to ally with libertarians and non-racist conservatives against the rising wave of tyranny, war and imperial plunder. (Even the Stoners and the Gun Nuts are discovering a common agenda in defending the Bill of Rights.) 
Brainwashing is a banal, every-day reality. Ideology has degenerated into a game played by the few to keep the many at each other's throats. We should worry about freedom, instead. In short, we live in a confusing time: The most salient splits in politics at the moment are not due to differences in political principles or strategy but differences in perceptions and understanding of the world's events. Before people disagree on which way they need to go, they need to agree about where the hell they actually are. Knowledge is the decisive battlefield in a war whose fronts run through every place and every mind. 

4. Editorial Policy.  
I don't want to censor. Anyone using logic to question the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 qualifies for inclusion herein. Authors on some of these sites manage to make good points while also giving vent to the occasional wacky non-sequitir or hateful diatribe. Many of the links I include to show the kind of ideas circulating about 9/11, even when I do not agree with them. I certainly do not share the views of Jew-haters, Arab-haters, immigrant-haters, racists, Nazis, or religious fundamentalists of any stripe. I also have little time left over for alien lizard theory, professional Clinton bashing (if it doesn't at least apply the same logic to Bush), people who want to obliterate Iraq, or people who think the United Nations is a plot to destroy the United States. (The historical record shows that United Nations in practice has usually been a servile tool to imperial U.S. policies. The General Assembly, where the states of the world are represented, doesn't have much say, the Security Council and the bureaucracies do.) Finally, I'm rather shaky as to whether the Illuminati, the New World Order, or "Faction 1/Faction 2" even exist, at least as unified secret movements with fixed memberships. I think these names mystify institutions that are actually banal, albeit remote from what most people experience. I prefer to think in terms of a heterogeneous empire ruled by networks that both interlock and conflict, of billionaires, bankers, executives, generals, gangsters, spooks, and political and intellectual mercenaries. Power elites. If they have a secret handshake or rituals, that is not really the problem; their secretive exercise of illegitimate power is what should interest us most. 

Want More? 

A Note on Fairy Tales and Misinformation 

The case for skepticism is serious and important. We must beware misinformation, which refers to untrue and misleading stories generally, and disinformation, the conscious planting of falsehood. At the same time, we must guard against paranoia. Probably the most effective way to disrupt a movement is to get its members accusing each other of being government agents. This was a tactic the FBI used to break up the Black Panthers, by sending fake letters accusing group members of being agents. 

Therefore I urge all Skeptics never to raise such accusations without indisputable proof. Someone may be spreading a rumor that sounds like disinformation, but this does not prove that they are doing so with malice. Most likely, that person is mistaken, not consciously lying. Most false rumors do not originate as disinformation, even if they are exploited by propagandists after they arise. Most rumors are a by-product of social psychology. Like gossip, they are born from distortions that creep in as reports are repeated from source to source. It is very hard to trace who inserted a particular distortion, since anyone in a chain of communication has that opportunity. 

Therefore the first commandment of dealing with falsehoods must always be: 

Don't panic, trace the story to its source.

The first resort of those who cannot tolerate factual criticism of their illusions, like the majority of mass media writers, is to ignore the critic. The second, when the critic can no longer be avoided, is to ignore his ideas and attack him personally as an opportunist or nutcase, and to invoke the magic phrase "conspiracy theory," whether or not it applies. Next thing you know, the critic who mentions historically confirmed government operations, like COINTELPRO or MK/ULTRA, might find herself lumped together with people who believe the world is run by alien lizards. 

(COINTELPRO was the FBI's practice of disruption and assassination among leftist groups, 1957-1973, and has continued since under different guises. MK/ULTRA was the codename for the 1950s and 1960s CIA experiments on unwitting human subjects to test truth drugs, methods of mind control and brainwashing, as revealed in the 1970s congressional hearings. It presumably continues under different guises.) 

We all do well to rise above the urge to sneer at anyone, and remain calm and logical in our counter-arguments, even when dealing with alien lizard theory. Not that we should waste too much time with nonsense, but we should always address the message, not the messenger. 

Often, what appears to be disinformation is actually fairy tale. What is fairy tale? I will pick an easy example. According to a widespread rumor, 4,000 Jews were warned not to show up to work at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 - and they all kept the secret from the other 40,000 people working there! This story instantly fails the "smell test," and obviously relies on hatred of Jews. Absurd as it is, we should make the effort to trace all reports, no matter how ridiculous, back to their source. We should always give serious answers, if at all possible. Dismissing any idea in contempt may end up blinding us. Many a ridiculous-seeming story might prove to have a kernel of truth. 

The Jerusalem Post of Sept. 12 reported that Israeli authorities received inquiries about the whereabouts of 4,000 Israeli nationals who were in the northeastern United States on Sept. 11. As this story was repeated by other sources, it mutated into "4,000 Israelis Missing in New York and Washington," as an item on the tickertape of a German news channel reported on Sept. 13. A Lebanese paper then turned this into the idea that "4,000 Jews" with jobs at the World Trade Center did not show up to work on Sept. 11, because they were warned about the attacks. Ever since then, the missing Jews have haunted fantasists of the Arabic-speaking world. In reality, hundreds of New York Jews died at the World Trade Center, alongside Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists and others. 

On Sept. 14, 2001, General Hamid Gul, a former head of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and the man known as the "Father of the Taliban," became the first official of any state to publicly say in English that the 9/11 attacks must have been orchestrated by the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad. He claimed that his proteges in Afghanistan were far too upstanding to have committed such an act, on the one hand, and anyway incapable of it, on the other. (On the very same day, Israeli army intelligence was putting the blame for 9/11 on their enemy of choice, Iraq, though they later retracted this.) 

From that moment, the "4,000 Jews" became a main staple of the Mossad-did-it theory in the Arab world. Of course, if any Mossad operatives were involved in 9/11, they would be pleased to hear that this was the level of the evidence against them. 

The story was given a second life by the final casualty figures for the 9/11 disaster, which showed that only one Israeli national died, as opposed to one earlier estimate of 130. This statistic has been cited by certain English-language Internet sites. Never mind that original estimates of 400 dead British citizens, 80 dead Germans and 120 dead Japanese were also revised radically down, together with the overall casualty figures. In the case of Israelis, everything is evidence of deception. And in the latest and most disgusting mutation, the total of one Israeli national killed has turned into "one Jew killed." 

Thanks to this, many reasonable people think that the story of the 4,000 Jews is typical of what 9/11 Skeptics have to offer. The obedient state mouthpieces within the media readily exploit such fairy tales, citing them alongside credible reports as a means of boiling all skeptics in a single pot. (New York Times apparatchik Thomas Friedman, for example, has mentioned the "missing Jews" myth several times as evidence of "Arab paranoia," which allows him to ignore all the real evidence that the official 9/11 story is a joke.) To make matters worse, genuine Jew-haters and possible disinformation artists begin with otherwise reasonable questions about 9/11, and then suddenly bring up the "4,000 Jews." This serves to discredit 9/11 skepticism generally. It muddies the waters and distracts from real stories. (And if the official 9/11 story does begin to crack, we may see members of the administration begin to fall back on the tactic of blaming the Israelis, which is always certain to have its adherents.) 

According to a leaked Drug Enforcement Agency report and unnamed government sources cited in a series of Nov. 2001 stories on FOXNEWS, a large Israeli spy ring apparently was operating in the United States for most of 2001. Its members were among 120 Israeli nationals rounded up before and after the Sept. 11 attacks, who were deported back to Israel. Their possible connection to 9/11 is classified, FOXNEWS said. (They may or may not have been spying on Qaeda operatives and relaying accurate information to American agencies.) Pro-Israeli propagandists who find such stories objectionable have an easier time dismissing them as "urban myths," thanks to the earlier fable about the 4,000 Jews. 

A warning that the World Trade Center was about to be attacked did arrive at the offices of an Israeli company, the Odigo instant messaging service, on the morning of Sept. 11, or so the head of the company later told the FBI. Finding out the sources of that and the many similar forewarnings of the attack - originating in several different countries! - is of paramount importance. That is why we need to screen out hysteria and rumor. 

And that is why we need to be slow, sober, comprehensive. Better boring and true than exciting and wrong.