Statements of Endorsement

The following statements were written in support of the call for a citizens' investigation into the events of Sept. 11, 2001and the introductory statement of the 9/11 Truth Alliance initiative.

Please bear in mind that the 9/11 Truth Alliance "ad hoc organizing committee" does not necessarily agree with each and every point made herein. We welcome a diversity of expression -and the opportunity to debate these issues in an open, democratic way.

Catherine Austin Fitts

Solari, Inc -
Assistant Secretary of Housing - Federal Housing Commissoner, Bush I
Founding Member,

Our freedom comes to us by divine authority. To exercise our free will and to make our freedom real in concrete, practical ways, we need the truth -- we need continuous up to date maps of how our world works. If we pay significant amounts to government and corporations to manage services with our money and on our behalf, we need honest performance reports about how they are doing. When they fail,, it is our responsibility to understand what happened and what can be done to improve our performance. In no area is our ability to judge and ensure performance more important then when it comes to the security and safety of our people, our families and -- most important -- our children and the next generation.

We will know the truth of 9-11 because the 9/11 Truth Commission and thousands of honest, hardworking, effective citizens around the globe will keep asking questions and collaborating on answers until we know it. While corporate media has failed us, new reliable media started by reporters who have walked away from corporate media in disgust, is springing up everywhere and have proven on TWA 800, CIA Narcotics Trafficking, HUD Fraud and countless other situations that we do not need to waste our time with traditional channels. New media collaborating with citizens and researchers worldwide can produce miracles where we "vote" in the marketplace for the rule of law.
America loves a winner. The 9/11 Truth Commission will be the winner --- and decent hardworking people everywhere who care about the safety and welfare of our families and children will be the winners with it.

Kevin Danaher
Global Exchange

The U.S. Constitution begins with the words "We the people" because sovereignty (ultimate political authority) in our society is supposed to reside with the people, not corporations or governing elites. We the people must take it upon ourselves to investigate and reveal to the world what actually took place on September 11, 2001. The fact that the largest security apparatus ever assembled could fail so blatantly its mission of protecting the American people is bad enough. But for the people to not demand a full accounting of why and how these tragic events took place is even more frightening. In a true democracy it is the right and duty of the citizenry to ask tough questions of their leaders and to demand answers.

Mark Crispin Miller
Professor, New York University

What took place on 9/11 was a major national catastrophe, quite unprecedented in our history both for the scale and the sophistication of that series of attacks. In its way this catastrophe is comparable to earlier traumatic moments in the US past: the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Following each of those prior tragedies the US government undertook a long inquiry: after Lincoln's killing, through the trials of John Wilkes Booth's co-conspirators; and, after each of those two great twentieth-century traumas, a formal state commission, (Pearl Harbor and Warren Commissions). Both of those fact-finding bodies were announced in the immediate aftermath of the disasters that inspired them.

By contrast, the Bush White House did not merely delay establishing a similar commission after 9/11, but lobbied actively against it, Bush and Cheney both working the phones to dissuade Congress from requesting an independent inquiry into the background of the terrorist attacks. Once it became politically impossible for them not to acquiesce, the administration then did all it could to obviate the inquiry's effectiveness. First, the president appointed Henry Kissinger as chair of the commission-the broadest possible hint that the administration wants to hide the truth. Once Kissinger resigned the post, it went to Thomas Kean, who, although widely hailed for his integrity, soon turned out to have extensive business ties to the bin Laden family.

A genuinely independent study of the 9/11 catastrophe is not just overdue, but of profound importance to the very survival of American democracy; for the piecemeal narrative of the attacks thus far suggests that the official story is implausible. At the very least, the ease with which the terrorists carried out their crimes suggests grave weaknesses throughout the national security establishment-weaknesses that Pres. Bush has shown a tendency to cover up, in his strange rush to exonerate the CIA and FBI. And yet certain of the many mysteries of 9/11 hint at some malfeasance far more troubling than incompetence per se-foreknowledge of some kind atop the government, and perhaps a deliberate failure to prevent the crimes from happening. There are even those who argue that the entire plot was authored by the US government itself, to provide itself with a good pretext for a crackdown, just as the Nazis engineered, then took full advantage of, the Reichstag fire.

While that theory may be wholly groundless, there is much that we have yet to learn about what happened on that dreadful day in 2001. A proper study, fully and independently conducted, will enable us at least to take the proper self-protective measures, to fire and replace those who were negligent, to punish the complicit (if any), and perhaps to gain a more sophisticated understanding of the implications of our past and present foreign policy, energy policy and economic policy. Such a commission will also help refute the wilder theories that, in the absence of a thorough and credible account, have taken in a lot of people everywhere (such as the thesis, lately popular in France, that the attack on the Pentagon did not take place). In short, an independent public inquest will help strengthen this democracy by telling US citizens the truth. That alone will enable our astute self-government, teach us to improve our worsening relations with the wider world, and thereby help restore us to a sense of safety.

Meria Heller
Internet/Talk Radio Host, "The Meria Heller Show"

Here's why I support the 9/11 Truth Commission:

In the time since 9/11/01 I have interviewed many intelligent people, highly knowledgeable of the lies of 9/11/01. I have also interviewed Ellen Mariani who lost her husband that day. Everyone is asking the same thing - why can't we hear the truth about what happened (or didn't happen) on September 11th? When a government covers up, hides under the cloak of secrecy and refuses to give answers, what else can citizens think except that we are being deceived?

Was there a stand down order on 9/11? Where was our security that day? Why the slow response from Norad? Why weren't our jets flying at top speed instead of 1/4 of their speed in response? Where are the black boxes? Who made the money on 9/11? Why was 9/11 used to justify the imprisonment of American citizens? I'm sure I could go on for hours. When the government puts someone like Henry Kissinger (a known international war criminal who is wanted in several countries) in charge of getting to the truth (luckily he declined/resigned) what else can we think?We need a totally independent, of, for and by the PEOPLE commission on 9/11. Not some sham kangaroo court or Warren commission. We have been lied to for decades. It's time for our government to come clean. They owe it to each and every American.

The atrocities that we have committed to our own people since 9/11, and to those of other countries (in the name of "faceless" revenge) is appalling. Everything America stood for is gone, and the example we are leading the planet with is horrendous. We demand and must demand answers. All our lives depend on it.

JP Leonard
Tree of Life Press, publishers of "The War on Freedom"

"In seeking new themes and directions, Tree of Life Publications was honored to publish The War on Freedom, the first serious book on the evidence of government complicity in the 9/11 atrocities.

Investigating 9/11 remains a key task for today. For those of us who have delved into the work of researchers in this field, or carried it a step further, this horrific event has been an extraordinary awakening to the true nature of the cliques running our world.

By now, we also know what to expect from official investigations. The truth about Pearl Harbor came out only fifty years later, although FDR gave his blessing to ten contemporary investigative commissions on the disaster. Decades later, free-lance researchers have proven the Warren Commission investigation of the JFK assassination was a grotesque cover-up. Now the Bush regime brings a new low in cynical disregard of the people's right to know. But the Internet has given justice a fighting chance.

The struggle of this nation to come to grips with the 'truth and lies of 9/11' is the acid test of its viability to ward off the much deeper 'descent into tyranny' that so imminently threatens. Above all, it is a personal test for each of us, of our mental integrity, to think clearly in the face of the most massive, sophisticated and confusing indoctrination apparatus in history."