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- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Sept. 1, 2003) -

Two years after Sept. 11, 2001, leading researchers from the United States and Europe gather in Berlin to question the official story and demand disclosure of all information about 9/11 that a democratic society should know. In solidarity with the demands for disclosure raised by the families of the victims.

Sunday Sept. 7th, 2003 / at TEMPODROM / Anhalter Bahnhof / BERLIN

With Nafeez Ahmed, Mathias Bröckers, Andreas Hauss, Daniel Hopsicker, Regine Igel, Nicholas Levis, Cynthia McKinney, Michael Opperskalski, Michael Ruppert, Guido Salvini, Ekkehard Siekker, Eckart Spoo, & Ronald Thoden.

Press Conference at 2 p.m. (registration required*) 

to be followed by


3 p.m. Keynote speech by Cynthia McKinney
(Former congresswoman from Georgia)

3:30-7 p.m. Six seminars and discussions in German and English

7:30 p.m. Evening event with the film "AfterMath," guest panel, representatives of Unanswered Questions - live video feed from New York City and Durham, New Hampshire


Click here for complete details and event program.

Two years later... 

The crime and background of Sept. 11, 2001, the "day that changed everything," has not been investigated seriously although it has been exploited to justify the Bush government's radical policies of domestic repression and foreign aggression.

The White House has even forwarded an unsubstantiated link between al-Qaeda and the Iraqi regime as a reason for the invasion of Iraq - alongside the story about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. How does it avenge the crime of 9/11 or help to protect the American people, when the U.S. responds by invading a country that had nothing to do with the attacks?

The Bush administration apparently intends to continue using 9/11 for political gain, for example by holding the next Republican convention in New York City in early Sept. 2004 (in violation of the traditional convention among the parties to hold conventions by August.)

A sober look into the disturbing oddities and background of the Sept. 11 attacks raises countless legitimate questions that demand answers. Questions about accountability and the possible degree of foreknowledge among responsible officials - about the background to the intelligence and law enforcement failures that preceded the attacks - and about the failure of response by U.S. defenses on the day of Sept. 11.

In a democracy, any disaster on this scale calls out for a fully-funded, independent investigation, with subpoena power and testimony under oath. Yet for two years the White House has blocked all independent efforts to investigate.

After many delays, the two houses of Congress held a joint inquiry into Sept. 11. This was subjected to stonewalling and sabotage by the executive branch. The FBI, which was a subject of the investigation, demanded that U.S. Senators take lie detector tests to discover the source of an alleged leak. The report that was finally published has been heavily censored.

(Read about how the Congressional investigation into 9/11 was sabotaged in The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: www.thebulletin.org/issues/2003/ma03/ma03prados.html)

The ongoing inquiry of the national commission on Sept. 11 (Kean Commission) possesses only limited subpoena power and does not take testimony under oath. Witnesses testify under the supervision of government-appointed "minders." The New York Times wrote that this procedure recalls the practices of the Soviet Kremlin. Members of the Kean Commission are locked in a conflict with the White House over the release of documents previously released to the Congress, which the White House is now attempting to "reclassify."

Taxpayers put out $65 million to investigate Bill Clinton's sex life and $30 million to investigate the Columbia Shuttle disaster - why has the Kean Commission received a mere $3 million?

No administration has been more secretive, in all matters. Example: For nearly three years, this government has been illegally withholding the 1980s Reagan White House papers, in violation of the Presidential Records Act. And no administration in modern times has been as abusive of the U.S. constitution as the present government.

Disclosure is pro-American...

The posing of questions about what happened on Sept. 11 and why is currently under attack in Germany, among other places. Reasonable doubt about the official story has been vilified as the low-minded speculation of German "conspiracy theorists" who "hate America." This ignores that the movement for disclosure is a primarily American, international phenomenon. It has been led among others by relatives of 9/11 victims in New York, who are demanding the information that should be the subject of democratic debate. Relatives of the Sept. 11 victims have fought the U.S. government for two years in pursuit of independent investigation.

(See "Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush" www.nyobserver.com/pages/frontpage3.asp)

No less a figure than Bob Graham, the Senator from Florida who headed the Congressional investigation into 9/11, has said that the most important information relating to Sept. 11 has yet to be publicized. (See www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/congress/july-dec02/intelligence_12-11.html)

Among those organizing the 9/11 Truth Alliance events - not just in Berlin but also in New York, San Francisco, and across the United States and Canada - are many proud New Yorkers and Americans who still believe in democracy - as against the Bush government's divine right to keep any secret they like.

Among the first to pose questions about what the U.S. government may have known in advance of 9/11, and when, was the Hon. Cynthia McKinney, congresswoman from the 6th District of Georgia for ten years (1992 to 2002). For raising that and other issues, she was vilified, attacked, and finally driven out of office by a flood of Republican money from outside her district. But her voice has not been silenced, she continues to speak out for peace and the need to take back democracy. She will be answering questions from the press and delivering the keynote speech at the international symposium on Sept. 7th, 2003, in Berlin.

Also traveling from the United States for this event are Michael Ruppert, publisher of the FROM THE WILDERNESS newsletter, and Daniel Hopsicker, who has researched the backgrounds and actions of the alleged hijackers prior to Sept. 11 in his newsletter, The Mad Cow Morning News.

They will be joined by leading German and European researchers in a series of seminars on the latest research on Sept. 11, the strategic concept behind the U.S. war strategy, the history of state backing for domestic terrorism in Italy, the role of the media, the search for answers in the United States, and the human rights and international situation following Sept. 11.

The demand for 9/11 disclosure is a legitimate German and European issue.

Germany was the previous residence of the "Hamburg Cell," the alleged leaders of the 9/11 plot. It is the only country where anyone has been convicted by a court of law (in the Motassadeq case) for supporting the attacks, largely on the basis of still-classified intelligence information collected by the CIA and its German counterpart, the BND. Germany was also among the countries that issued warnings to the United States of impending terror attacks by means of hijacked airliners, in advance of Sept. 11, 2001. And like many countries, Germany followed the American lead in tightening up laws, restricting rights and engaging in international interventions within the framework of the post-9/11 "War on Terrorism."

The conference will produce a set of unanswered questions and a list of evidence that the public in a democracy has a right to demand of its elected officials. On Sept. 11, we will ask to present these documents to the U.S. ambassador and to the offices of the European Union in Berlin, and to the Chancellery of the Federal German Republic.

Contacts: 9/11 Truth Alliance and the German 9/11 Research Network are informal associations with no institutional backing. Responsible for the event are Nicholas Levis and Ronald Thoden

Press and media interested in attending one of the two press conferences (on Fri., Sept. 5th at 10:30 a.m. and on Sun., Sept. 7th at 2 p.m.) please call +49 30 219 098 921 and ask for Mr. Thoden.

+49 30 219 098 921 is also the contact number for ticket orders. Those wishing to attend should order in advance; we expect to sell out this event.

NOTE: We condemn the attempts by German neo-Nazis to take possession of this issue with their hateful ideology. We are for the American people, pro-New York, pro truth, pro-freedom and pro-world. We do not support disinformation, distraction or ideology, and we reject all efforts to exploit the aftermath, irregularities and oddities of the Sept. 11th story by the purveyors of propaganda, paranoia, racism, mystification, proselytization and advertising.


3 p.m., September 7, 2003, TEMPODROM in the heart of Berlin
Möckernstraße 10, U-Bahn Möckernbrücke/Potsdamer Platz - S Anhalter Bahnhof


Cynthia McKinney (USA) Representative of Georgia's 6th district for ten years; first U.S. politician who questioned what the administration may have known about Sept. 11 in advance, and who called for an independent investigation.

Michael Ruppert (USA) Former officer in the Los Angeles Police Department, publisher of the From the Wilderness newsletter.

Daniel Hopsicker (USA) Former NBC producer, author of Barry and The Boys, publisher of The Mad Cow Morning News

Kyle Hence 
from New Hampshire)
Co-founder of the UNANSWERED QUESTIONS coalition.

Nafeez Ahmed (GB) Author of the leading research work on the "unanswered questions of 9/11," The War On Freedom.

Guido Salvini (I) Prosecutor from Milan - proved state complicity in the terrorism sponsored by the "Red Brigades."

Mathias Bröckers (D) Author of 11.9. and Fakten, Fälschungen und die unterdrückten Beweise des 11. 9.

Andreas Hauß (D) Co-author of Fakten, Fälschungen und die unterdrückten Beweise des 11. 9.

Ekkehard Sieker (D) German TV journalist, known for his work for Monitor/WDR. Broke the story on the false U.S. government translation of the so-called Bin Laden "confession video" of November 2001.

Eckart Spoo (D) Journalist, correspondent of many years for Frankfurter Rundschau, publisher of the magazine Ossietzky.

Michael Opperskalski (D) Expert on secret services and editor of the magazine Geheim.

Regine Igel (D) Author of books including Andreotti – an Italian Career. 

Dieter Elken (D) Lawyer.

Nicholas Levis (USA) Author (Working for the Enemy), New Yorker and involuntary 9/11 researcher since Sept. 11, 2001.

Ronald Thoden (D) Geographer and businessman.

The point of "UNANSWERED QUESTIONS - DEMANDING ANSWERS" is not to speculate about things we cannot know, but to build pressure towards the release of classified information that should rightfully be in the public domain.

For example: To demand the relevant information from the Aug. 6, 2001 "Presidential Daily Briefing" in which George W. Bush was warned of an imminent aerial attack on America. Did the administration have sufficient foreknowledge to prevent the attacks? Or to demand release of all relevant findings from the many still-classified portions of the 858-page report of the Congressional joint inquiry into the September 11 attacks. (The same demand has been raised by the chair of that inquiry, Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL), among others.)

This event is a German-American cooperation! 

What really happened on Sept. 11? You deserve to know.
Speculation is cheap - the truth is out there - demand disclosure!

3 p.m. Cynthia McKinney (USA)
3:30 – 5 p.m. Neueste Recherche- ergebnisse zum 11. September
Matthias Bröckers
Andreas Hauß
Staatliche Steuerung des italienischen Terrorismus
Guido Salvini (Untersuchungsrichter aus Mailand)
Regine Igel

Unanswered questions, no investigation. Who are the terrorists? Looking at the context and grand strategy.

Nicholas Levis

Daniel Hopsicker

Nafeez Ahmed

Aspekte des Völkerrechts nach dem 11. September
Dieter Elken (Rechtsanwalt)
5:30 - 7 p.m. ENGLISH: 

Michael Ruppert on

The Truth and Lies of 9/11; Peak Oil and economic decline; Watergate II

Die Rolle der Medien
Eckart Spoo
Ekkehard Sieker
Gibt es Al-Qaeda in dieser Form? Der instrumentalisierte Terrorismus
Michael Opperskalski
Staatliche Steuerung des italienischen Terrorismus
Guido Salvini (Untersuchungsrichter aus Mailand)
Regine Igel

Sept. 7, 2003 Arena im Tempodrom (je nach Besucherzahl)
7:30 p.m.
Film: AfterMath - Unanswered Questions from 9/11

(headphones available for simultaneous translations)
LIVE FEED FROM NEW YORK: Unanswered Questions Coalition

Questions and debate.  

Demanding the evidence!

FULL DAY PRICE 11 € / 9 € 
(discount for unemployed)
EVENING ONLY (7.30 p.m.): 8 € / 5 € erm.


Diese Veranstaltung bekennt sich zu Toleranz gegenüber Menschen gleich welcher Herkunft oder Religion und distanziert sich von Gruppierungen der rechten nationalistischen Szene.

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