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Two Sides of the Same Coin… Heads-Heads

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Guest Editorial by Sibel Edmonds
May 22, 2009

"In politics we presume that everyone who knows how to get votes knows
how to administer a city or a state. When we are ill…we do not ask for the
handsomest physician, or the most eloquent one." — Plato

During the campaign, amid their state of elation, many disregarded Presidential
Candidate Senator Barack Obama’s past record and took any criticism of these
past actions as partisan attacks deserving equally partisan counterattacks.
Some continued their reluctant support after candidate Obama became grand finalist
and prayed for the best. And a few still continue their rationalizing and defense,
with illogical excuses such as ‘He’s been in office for only 20 days, give the
man a break!’ and ‘He’s had only 50 days in office, give him a chance!’ and
currently, ‘be reasonable – how much can a man do in 120 days?!’ I am going
to give this logic, or lack of, a slight spicing of reason, then, turn it around,
and present it as: If ‘the man’ can do this much astounding damage, whether
to our civil liberties, or to our notion of democracy, or to government integrity,
in ‘only’ 120 days, may God help us with the next [(4 X 365) - 120] days.

I know there are those who have been tackling President Obama’s changes on
change; they have been challenging his flipping, or rather flopping, on issues
central to getting him elected. While some have been covering the changes comprehensively,
others have been running right and left like headless chickens in the field
– pick one hypocrisy, scream a bit, then move on to the next outrageous flop,
the same, and then to the next, basically, looking and treating this entire
mosaic one piece at a time.

Despite all the promises Mr. Obama made during his campaign, especially on
those issues that were absolutely central to those whose support he garnered,
so far the President of Change has followed in the footsteps of his predecessor.
Not only that, his administration has made it clear that they intend to continue
this trend. Some call it a major betrayal. Can we go so far as to call it a
‘swindling of the voters’?

On the State Secrets Privilege …

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