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Oliver Stone, the relaunch of JFK and the Unspeakable, and 9/11

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from Barrie Zwicker
July 14, 2009

Canadian-born James Douglass of Birmingham, Alabama is a Christian pacifist
, a 9/11Truther and author of JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why
It Matters
(Orbis Books).

The book rose to number 31 on Amazon’s best seller list two weeks after
Oliver Stone appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on June 26th
last holding a copy of the 2008 book, which was shown on camera. Stone said
it is a “great book.”

The question “why” that Douglass’s book addresses in the
case of JFK’s assassination arguably is also the most important question
concerning 9/11. Douglass recently has been added under “Religious Leaders
for 9/11 Truth” on

Douglass’s book deserves wide readership. It’s a tremendously well-researched
work, one of the best of the 400+ books on JFK’s assassination. Douglass
conducted original interviews with people now able and willing to talk after
decades of silence. He also drew on thousands of recently released US government
documents to reveal the logic of the plot to kill Kennedy. The plot’s
purpose was not only to assassinate a president who was turning toward peace
but also to implicate the Soviet Union and Cuba in his murder so as to justify
pre-emptive attacks upon them. The parallels with 9/11 are highly educative.

Douglass’s editor, Robert Ellsberg, feels the Stone endorsation is a
peg upon which to “re-promote” the book. I agree and commend it
thoroughly to all frequenters of For the Stone interview, go

Part One:

Part Two:

I know James through our working together to publicize the trial in Memphis,
Tennessee in 1999 to determine who assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in
1968. That trial and its outcome are little known because all the media except
for Douglass and one Memphis TV reporter, Wendell Stacy (now deceased), ignored
the trial. James Douglass’s report on the King trial can be found in Probe
magazine at

The Memphis trial was a civil action brought by the King family. The purpose
was not money. The family sought only 100 dollars; the purpose was the truth.
At the end of six weeks, after hearing 70 witnesses, a jury of six black and
six white people took just 2-1/2 hours to conclude that Dr. King was murdered
by a multi-layered conspiracy that included US government agencies.

In his introduction to JFK and the Unspeakable, James Douglass has described
how Martin Luther King’s murder awakened him to the meaning of John F.
Kennedy’s. Both Kennedy’s and King’s false flag assassinations
(with Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray as the patsies) are in turn critically
relevant to 9/11, especially regarding provenance, outcome and cover-up. JFK
and the Unspeakable illuminates the murderous history of the 60′s that
laid the ground for 9/11.

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