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NORAD Live and Uncut

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by Dylan Avery
Posted August 31, 2007 at

In August, 2006, Michael Bronner, a writer for Vanity Fair Magazine, received
30 hours of audiotape from the Northeast Air Defense Sector that chronicled
their response on 9/11. Mr. Bronner released 10 minutes of audio from them in
MP3 format.

In August, 2007, we received 120 hours of audiotape, and are proud to release
them in their entirety to the public.

There are 18 WAV files, each one approximately 180 megabytes in size and six
hours in length. To download them, you will need a Bittorrent program. BitLord
is recommended for PC and Azureus is recommended for Mac.

Download the torrent file here:

Many thanks to NORAD for sending us this material.

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