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Judge Orders Mike Connell To Submit To Deposition 24 Hours Before Election

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November 1, 2008
from Velvet Revolution blog

Yesterday, after a contentious three hour hearing in an Akron, Ohio federal
court, the judge ordered Bush/Rove IT
expert Michael Connell to submit to a two hour deposition
less than 24 hours
before the start of the 2008 election. The Court ruled that Ohio attorney Cliff
Arnebeck can question Connell under oath about Man in the Middle computer manipulations,
the use of Trojan horses to control election results from a remote location,
and the role of Triad in election manipulations.

However, in a strange twist, the judge agreed with demands from Connell’s
attorney to keep under seal any testimony about threats and intimidation of
Connell by others including Karl Rove. This is seen as necessary to protect
possible criminal charges against those who may have engaged in obstruction
of justice in this case.

A couple of notes here: We believe that Connell should not pull an Alexander
Butterfield by waiting for a direct question from Mr. Arnebeck as to what he
knows about rigged elections. Instead, Connell should be prepared to come clean
from the start knowing that this is just the beginning of the inquiry. We have
lots of names and lots of people providing us information about these rigged
elections. Connell is not longer under the protectorate of the Bush family.
There is a new dynamic here and Connell can either fight it and go down with
the ship or get out in front and cooperate with full immunity for him and his

Also, Connell must now know that the gig is up—he can’t steal this
election. If he has set up the network for such a theft, he knows that he has
to shut it down prior to Tuesday because he will get caught. People must now
be held accountable and Connell has a unique opportunity to do that by cooperating
in full and telling what he knows about election rigging, White House email
destruction, front groups, and orders from Karl Rove and others to do illegal




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