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Hungry for Truth–One Man’s Struggle to Confront September 11, 2001

for Truth:
One Man’s Struggle to Confront September 11, 2001

by Blair A. Gadsby
6" x 9" • 174 pages
ISBN 978-0615222141 • paperback • $12.95

A personal journey into the world of activism for 9/11 Truth. Questioning the
official story of the 9/11 attacks has many hazards, not least of which as a
motivator to speaking up about "false flag" terror and the manipulation
by governments of their populations to go to war. To a college professor of
Religious Studies, seeing Islam portrayed as a religion of violence was spiritually
and mentally degrading, not to mention socially destructive. This book discusses
one person’s awakening to the lies told to us about 9/11 and how they compelled
him to activism and a hunger strike against John McCain as he campaigned for
President. McCain wrote the Foreword to Popular Mechanics‘ cover-up
of 9/11. The author sat for 17 days outside the office of Senator John McCain
waiting for an answer about 9/11 issues. He did get them, and the answers may
foreshadow how "President McCain" will confront the requests for a
new 9/11 investigation, conduct foreign policy, and his handling of the Middle
East wars.

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