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Griffin Speaking Tour begins April 23, Des Moines


Nobel Peace Prize nominee speaking at Bradley

Journal Star

April 18, 2010

PEORIA — “Is the War in Afghanistan Justified by 9/11?” is
the theme of Dr. David Ray Griffin’s speech set for Sunday at Bradley University.

Griffin is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, author, professor emeritus and co-director
of the Center for Process Studies at Claremont University in Claremont, Calif.

He also has appeared on radio and television programs on the British Broadcasting
Corporation, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Japan’s national network.
He was ranked 41st in the New Statesman’s “The 50 People Who Matter Today.”

Griffin will appear at Bradley as part of a 14-stop tour, which includes several
locations in Maine, as well as Chicago; St. Louis; Des Moines, Iowa; Milwaukee;
Louisville, Ky.; West Hartford, Conn.; Boston; Montreal; and Toronto.

Griffin’s speech at BU begins at 7 p.m. in Room B-51 of Baker Hall. It’s free
and open to the public.

For more information, visit www.ts911t.org/DavidRayGriffinAprilMay2010TourInfo.html.


Montreal 9/11 Conference – Interview with David Ray Griffin on CKUT
90.3 FM Radio

Posted 4/22/10 at 911blogger.com

Dr. David Ray Griffin appeared on The Tuesday Morning After show on CKUT 90.3
on April 20, 2010, at 7:20 am (EST).

CKUT FM is the student radio station of McGill University in Montreal. Nearly
27,000 students go to McGill University.

Dr. Griffin will be presenting his new lecture in Montreal at UQAM on May 3rd
(gen. admission $10, students $5 — visit Admission.com for tickets).

Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth)
will also be speaking in Montreal that evening. Mr. Gage will appear on this
radio show on Apr. 27 @ 7:20 am (EST).


(For complete details and flyer, please see www.ts911t.org/DavidRayGriffinAprilMay2010TourInfo.html

David Ray Griffin’s April/May 2010 Speaking Tour Itinerary

(1) Des Moines, Iowa – Friday, April 23
Organizer: James Hufferd
Contact Info: HufferdCruzeiro@aol.com 515-993-3399
Name Of Venue: Bulldog Theatre Auditorium, Olmstead Building
Address Of Venue: Drake University, 25th University Ave.
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 pm
Approximate Seating Capacity: 300
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors: 9/11 Truth of Central Iowa
Admission Information:

(2) St. Paul, Minnesota – Saturday, April 24
Organizer: Bruce Stahlberg
Contact Info:
Name Of Venue: Macalester Plymouth United Church
Address Of Venue: 1658 Lincoln Avenue West – St. Paul, MN 55105-1949
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 PM
Approximate Seating Capacity:
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors: mn911truth.org
Admission Information: Freewill Donation

(3) Peoria, Illinois – Sunday, April 25
Organizer: Dan Sutton
Contact Info:
Name Of Venue: Bradley University – Baker Hall – Room B 51
Address Of Venue: 1501 W. Bradley Ave. Peoria, IL 61625
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 PM
Admission Information: Free & Open To The Public – Donations Appreciated

(4) Chicago, Illinois – Tuesday, April 27
Organizers: John Uhlich, Richard Fobes, Ragen Gilliam and Mariel Hummer
Contact Info: 847-859-2110 http://drgchicago.wordpress.com/
Name Of Venue: Chopin Theatre
Address of Venue: 1543 Division St. (At CTA Blue Line Stop) Chicago, IL 60622

Starting Time of Event: 7:15 PM
Approximate Seating Capacity: 225+
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors: DuPage911truth.org http://chicago911truth.org/
Admission Information: $10.00 (No one will be turned away)

(5) Louisville, Kentucky – Wednesday, April 28
Organizer: Russ Osborn
Contact Info: osborn.russ@gmail.com (502) 592-1321
Name Of Venue: St. Matthews Community Center
Address Of Venue: 310 Ten Pin Lane – Louisville, KY 40207
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 PM

(6) St. Louis, Missouri – Thursday, April 29
Organizer: Donald Stahl
Contact Info:politicstahl@hotmail.com Message Phone: 314-567-8845
Name Of Venue: Winifred Moore Auditorium
Address Of Venue: 470 E. Lockwood Ave. Webster Groves, St. Louis, MO 63119
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 pm
Approximate Seating Capacity: 250
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors: Webster University
Admission Information:

(7) Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Friday, April 30
Organizer: Matthew Naus 414-940-3392
Contact Info: nausmr@yahoo.com
Name Of Venue: Clarion Hotel & Conference Center
Address Of Venue: 5311 So. Howell Ave. (across the street from airport entrance)

Starting Time of Event: 7:00 pm
Approximate Seating Capacity: 300 or more
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors: Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth ts911t.org
Religious Leaders For 9/11 Truth rl911truth.org Muslims For 9/11 Truth m911t.blogspot.com
Admission Information: Free & Open To The Public – Donations Appreciated
Note: American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation Provided

(8) Walkerton, Ontario – Saturday, May 1
Organizers: Paul McArthur
Contact Info:spmcarthur@gmail.com
Name Of Venue: Victoria Jubilee Hall
Address Of Venue: 111 Jackson Street
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 PM

(9) Toronto, Ontario/ Canada – Sunday, May 2
Organizers: Dick & Diane Wright – Adam Parrott – Eric Hancox – Graham MacQueen

Contact Info: http://www.uofttix.ca/view.php?id=638
Name Of Venue: Walter Hall – Edward Johnson Building – University of Toronto

Address Of Venue: 80 Queen Park
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 pm
Approximate Seating Capacity: 496
Name/ of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors: Waterloo 9/11 Research Group waterloo911.clubs.feds.ca
Admission Information: $15.00
Note: Richard Gage will also be speaking at this event.

(10) Montreal, Canada – Monday, May 3
Organizers: JF Ranger World For 9/11 Truth
Contact Info:
Name Of Venue: Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM)
Address Of Venue: w9t.org/montreal
Starting Time of Event:
Approximate Seating Capacity: 730
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors: www.globalresearch.ca world911truth.org

Admission Information: $10.00 – Students $5.00 Go To: w9t.org/montreal
Note: Richard Gage will also be speaking at this event.

(11) Hanover, New Hampshire – Tuesday, May 4
Organizers: Shelby S. Grantham – John Joline – Lynn Rosenblum
Contact Info: Lynn Rosenblum – roseyvt@myfairpoint.net – 802-333-4689
Shelby Grantham – Shelby.Grantham@Dartmouth.edu – 802-649-5142
Name Of Venue: Howe Library (The Mayer Room)
Address Of Venue: 13 South St. Hanover, NH 03755
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 PM

(12) Deer Isle, Maine – Wednesday, May 5
Organizer: Robert Shetterly
Name of Venue: The Reach Center
Address Of Venue: Rt. 15 Deer Isle – Deer Isle Elementary School
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 PM
Approximate Seating Capacity: 400
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors: Island Peace & Justice
Americans Who Tell The Truth americanswhotellthetruth.org
Admission Information:

(13) Portland, Maine – Thursday, May 6
Organizer: William Slavic and Stephen Shaw (207-729-3886) Ruth Elkin, David
Contact Info: Name Of Venue: Talbot Auditorium in Luther Bonney Hall
Address Of Venue: University of Southern Maine, Portland Campus
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 pm
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors: Maine 9/11 Truth www.maine911truth.org
Admission Information:

(14) West Hartford, Connecticut – Friday, May 7
Organizer: Cheryl Curtis
Contact Info: 860-922-5803
Name Of Venue: The Auerbach Auditorium In Hillyer Hall
Address Of Venue: University of Hartford – 200 Bloomfield Ave. – West Hartford,
CT 06117
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 pm
Approximate Seating Capacity: 180
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors:
Admission Information: $10.00. Purchase at: Univ. of Hartford Box Office 800-274-8587
or 860-768-4228

(15) Cambridge, Massachusetts – Saturday, May 8
Organizers: Rich McCampbell and Joe Lopisi
Contact Info: http://boston911truth.org/
Name Of Venue: Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church
Address Of Venue: 1555 Massachusettes Ave. Cambridge, Mass.
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 pm
Approximate Seating Capacity: 350
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors: http://boston911truth.org/
Admission Information: