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The events of Sept. 11 had a big impact in Germany, as they did everywhere else.

Millions of Germans took to the streets to show their solidarity with the people of New York and Washington. Germany passed its own version of the PATRIOT ACT. German forces joined the Afghanistan mission and are still heading it today.

Many building blocks of the official story and much of the evidence that causes skeptics to doubt it comes from Germany. Germany was home until 2000 to the members of the “Hamburg cell,” which allegedly provided three of the hijacking pilots. The only two prosecutions of alleged attack plotters – the Motassadeq and Mzoudi cases – were tried in Hamburg in 2002 and 2003. Both cases were voided after U.S. authorities refused to provide evidence that supposedly incriminated the two men.

German opinion about Sept. 11 began to shift as the Bush regime spited its former allies and told outrageous lies in the drive to attack Iraq. In the summer of 2003, several German books presenting alternate views of 9/11 became instant best-sellers. A poll showed that 20 percent of Germans believed the U.S. government likely had a hand in engineering the attacks.

All this served to set off a German “Summer of 9/11.” The first major international research conference of 9/11 skeptics, “UNANSWERED QUESTIONS – DEMANDING ANSWERS,” was held in Berlin on Sept. 7, 2003. Among the American and British speakers were former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and authors Michael Ruppert, Nafeez Ahmed, Nicholas Levis and Daniel Hopsicker. The event was greeted with a storm of media coverage, most of it attempting to debunk the skeptics. Read on for English-language coverage of last year’s conference in Berlin, and for a selection of the best German-language sites…

(NOTE: The Berlin summit links lead to the
pages of “9/11 Truth Alliance International,” a precursor of at the same URL.)

Questions, Demanding Answers?

International 9/11 Summit in

Sept. 7th, 2003

Letter to the U.S. Embassy, European Parliament and German Chancellery
in Berlin
(Concerning the 9/11 testimony and records that an independent investigation would logically demand)

Conference Declaration

Cynthia McKinney: Keynote speech, Sept. 7, 2003

reports on the Berlin conference


(German-language sites)

Current Exposition
at TACHELES Gallery
in Berlin?


Best Site For Counter-Propaganda to 9/11 & The New War (much is in

Ausstellung:?”Der Krieg begann nicht am 11. September”

Zahlreiche und umfangreiche Archiven zum 11.9. und Kriegspropaganda

Informationen zu Veranstaltungen in


Sein Buch, “Verschw?rungen, Verschw?rungstheorien und die
Geheimnisse des 11.9.”
ist schon 100,000 mal verkauft worden –
siehe auch

ANDREAS HAUSS – Internationales Institut f?r
Medienanalyse und Friedensforschung

auch gut:

ALEXANDRA BADER?- CeiberWeiber Magazine War Reports



Nafeez M. Ahmed: Geheimsache
. Reimann Verlag. 500 Seiten, 24 Euro.

Oliver Schr?m, Dirk Laabs. T?dlicher
Fehler – Das Versagen von Politik und Geheimdiensten im Umfeld des 11.
, 256 Seiten, 19,90 Euro, Aufbau-Verlag.

Mathias Br?ckers / Andreas
Haufl: Fakten, F?lschungen und die unterdr?ckten Beweise des 11.9.,
Verlag Zweitausendeins. 280 Seiten, 14,90 Euro. Dem Buch liegt eine Super
Video CD bei, darauf Daniel Hopsickers Dokumentarfilm “Mohamed Atta
and the Venice Flying Circus”.

Gerhard Wisnewski: Operation
9/11. Angriff auf den Globus
. Droemer/Knaur. 414 Seiten, 12,90 Euro.

Andreas von B?low: Die CIA
und der 11. September. Internationaler Terror und ide Rolle der
. Piper Verlag, 271 Seiten, 13 Euro.