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Dear 9/11 Truth Advocate,

Since 2002, 911truth.org has been a trusted resource for accurate news and information related to the crimes of September 11th, 2001. A small group of committed truth advocates has worked tirelessly over the years to compile this historical record, not found in either establishment history books or mainstream media. It continues to be developed, added to, corrected and enhanced as time goes on.

911Truth.org is the oldest continuously published website pertaining to the crimes of 9/11/2001, in furtherance of our mission “to provide, the best in investigative reporting, scholarly research and public education regarding the suppressed realities of September 11th, its aftermath and exploitation for political ends, the toxic air cover-up, and the anthrax attacks; mindful always of standards of fact and logic, the limits of what we know in the absence of official investigative powers, and the dangers of rumor and unconfirmed or false claims.” This website represents the work of thousands of researchers, students, activists, academics and concerned citizens who have contributed literally millions of hours toward that end.

Without the generous support of myriad contributors to 911truth.org, none of this would have been possible. It is with heartfelt appreciation that we approach the 12th anniversary of 9/11 with the launch of a new, streamlined 911truth.org in furtherance of our mission.

It is our goal to offer the mountains of information in a more easily searchable format better able to be used as a research tool. By adding a tag cloud and expanded menu choices, in addition to more clearly defined categories, we have enabled readers to find information on any topic of interest — quickly and easily. It is also now possible to review all entries within each category in reverse chronological order. In addition, all articles within the site can be custom sorted by using any category and tag combination with the following URL syntax: http://www.911truth.org/?category_name=xxx&tag=yyy (for example, Begin Questioning about Air Defense Failures: http://www.911truth.org/?category_name=begin_questioning&tag=air-defense-failures).

We trust readers will welcome this change. The new site is the result of nearly a year of concerted effort by a single individual almost entirely pro bono. There is much left to be done. Your financial support is required to finish the job. Please make as generous a contribution as you are able. What will your contribution support?

• Completion of the 911truth.org Media page, an enormous compilation of audio and video resources from truth advocates, conference presentations, media appearances, radio shows, speaking events and more.
• While organizing these many pieces of information we’ve realized much is missing as we’ve gone through 12 years of history, such as original news reporting on bin Laden’s funeral from Egyptian and Pakistani newspapers, statements from 9/11 Commission staffers and others, etc.
• Linking to archived versions of websites that have gone offline so as to preserve the valuable work that has been done by others.

We genuinely appreciate your support over time and ask that you continue contributing to this truth telling tool so that it remains available for generations to come. We believe truth always wins, and that light always overcomes darkness … always. Thank you for your part in shining that light.

With best wishes,


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Again, please accept our sincere appreciation for your courage, and your generosity, in the struggle for 9/11 Truth! Thank You!!!