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CIA and ISI together created Taliban: Zardari

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11 May 2009

Lalit K Jha
Press Trust Of India
May 11, 2009

WASHINGTON: In a new revelation, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has said
that the CIA of the United States and his country’s ISI together
created the Taliban.

"I think it was part of your past and our past, and the ISI and CIA created
them together," Zardari told the NBC news channel in an interview.

In the interview, which was given to the NBC on May 7, Zardari also accused
the US of supporting the military rule of Pervez Musharraf who was alleged to
be taking sides of the Taliban.

He disagreed with the popular belief in the US that the Pakistan military and
intelligent services still have sympathies for the Taliban.

"I think General Musharraf may have had a mindset to run head and hand
with the hound but certainly not on our watch. We don’t have a tough process
at all," Zardari said.

Asked about the influential role of the Pakistan army, Zardari said he is in
control of everything in the country, including the military.

"The Parliament has final say. It’s the Parliament form of government,
and I am a product of the Parliament," he said.

Earlier, Zardari in an another interview had said that India was not a "threat"
to his country and that Pakistan had moved some of its forces from its Indian
border to western frontier to eliminate Taliban in its tribal belt.