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United for Truth Protest Receives Endorsement from David Ray Griffin, Giulietto Chiesa, and Pierre Galand

9/11 truth protest expects hundreds of people next Sunday in Brussels

(English, Francais, Nederlands, Deutsch translations follow)

– AUGUST 28TH, 2008

Hundreds of people will join the second edition of the United for Truth European
protest asking an international independent investigation on the September 11th,
2001 attacks, Sunday September 7th, 2008, at the Schuman Rond Point in Brussels
at 2 P.M. Dr. David Ray Griffin (Writer & Professor in Theology – USA),
Mr. Giulietto Chiesa (Italian Euro-parliamentarian) and Mr. Pierre Galand (Former
Belgian Senator) are now endorsing the protest. More information can be found
on the website:

Furthermore, the platform is endorsed by various Non Governmental Organizations
like The Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CATMD), CODIP, ReOpen911
and ATTAC Brussels.

The platform these people and organizations support is: “In solidarity
with the American citizens, we demand an independent investigation of the 9/11
attacks, which were the pretext for too many wars, lies, and a serious decrease
of (y)our civil rights (“anti-terrorist”-acts, secret prisons, “Patriot
act”, etc). We want European troops back home! We want European laws that
guarantee neutrality of the internet and that explicitly forbid tracing/chipping
(RFID) of human beings as well as other electronic threats on our freedom. We
want democratic and public control of financial organizations (IMF, WB, etc)
and the mass media. But most of all we want to get our life back.”

United for Truth made its first public appearance in September 2007. They organized
the first European protest… Continue reading

Take Action on Minneapolis Arrests of Journalists

Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008
From: “Josh Silver,”
Subject: Unbelievable

Free Press: media reform through education, organizing and advocacy

Free Press Action Alert

Reports of journalists, bloggers and videomakers being arrested keep rolling
The St. Paul police department’s targeting of journalists, including
Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! and the I-Witness videomakers, is having
a chilling effect on free speech as the city hosts the Republican National Convention.

Many in the mainstream media are ignoring these attacks on journalism
— and some independent media makers are still in jail. But in less than
24 hours, more than 35,000 people have signed our letter
demanding that
press intimidation cease immediately and that all charges against journalists
be dropped.

This is an incredible response. Help deliver the message that a free press will not be intimidated!

Help Us Reach 50,000 Letters: Take Action Now



P.S. Below is yesterday’s e-mail with detailed information about
the arrests.

Dear Friend,

Amy Goodman Arrested

Police in St. Paul arrested several journalists yesterday, including Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman.

Stand Up for Independent Journalism

Yesterday, police in St. Paul arrested several journalists, including Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and an AP photographer as they were covering protests of the Republican National Convention.

Amy Goodman and others were released last night, but the story is not over.

We need you to cosign our public letter demanding that press intimidation cease immediately, and that all charges be dropped. It will be delivered immediately to St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, the RNC Host Committee and the local prosecuting attorneys.…

Continue reading

NYC 9/11 Inititiative Update

(Sept. 5, 2008, New York, NY) A solid base has now been established to create
a public referendum known as the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative. This campaign is
to enable the voters of NY City to create a new, independent, impartial 9/11 Commission
that would conduct an authentic, comprehensive investigation of the most momentous
event of our time. This effort is unique because if passed by the voters of NY
City, the Commission would have subpoena power and its findings would have full
legal recognition.

A dedicated team of citizens are about to cross the threshold of 30,000 petition
signatures. This is the minimum required to submit the Initiative to the NY
City Clerk and NY City Council for their review. There is now official confirmation
from the City Clerk’s office that all existing signed petitions will be valid
for the mayoral election in 2009. Upon reaching this milestone of 30,000, efforts
will continue to obtain as many as 75,000 signatures or more in the coming months
as well as create alliances with various organizations which will serve as a
coalition advocating for passage of the Initiative. With substantial numbers
and support showing there is a serious mandate from the voters, it is actually
possible that NY City Council can be moved to introduce and pass the Initiative
on their own. This is the current strategy which organizers and petitioners
here in NYC have every intention of pursuing.

Another vital piece of information has come to light. Back in the… Continue reading

Report from 2008 Brussells United for Truth March

Mark Dermul
9/11 Truth Seeker

On Sunday 7th September, about 400 protestors marched in Brussels during the second edition of the United for Truth March.

Brussells1Despite the bad weather and the fact that the March took place during the same day as another popular event, the Belt (Belgian cycling event for the family), the number of protestors had doubled since the first edition of 2007. But measured against the enormous amount of work that went before it — months of campaigning in which literally thousands of posters had been put up — and the fact that the UFT-website announced that there would be at least 475 marchers, one cannot really say it was a tremendous success.

After a long wait to assemble at the Brussels Shuman Square (we were supposed to start marching at 2pm, but we got it underway only around 3pm), the trek through Brussels started. It was a 4 kilometer walk. What should have been the highlight of the march, was the handing over of our letter (demanding an independent inquiry into the events of 9/11), to an employee of the American Embassy in Brussels, became the low point of the day. One of the protestors, who went along with the delegates to hand over the letter, almost got arrested for merely running around with a camera. The delegates were turned away and told to send the letter by mail… For some, yours truly included, it was something not totally unexpected, but a letdown nonetheless.… Continue reading

2008 Now or Never Event Schedule

nowornever2008 Now or Never Event Schedule


Events for this day will now be at The Madison, which is located at 27 W 24th
St (between Broadway and 6th) [map].

– Speeches
from Former Congresswoman and Green Party Presidential Candidate
Cynthia McKinney,
Hip-hop legend and founder of the Stop the Violence Movement KRS-ONE,
architect and founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth Richard
, 9/11 1st responders, 9/11 family members, actor and advocate for a
new, independent 9/11 investigation Daniel
, Louder
Than Words
, We
, and more.

6PM-11PM – 9/11 First Responder Benefit Show
Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Saigon, Da Beatminerz, Chip Fu,
Dub Rock All Stars (Da Bush Babees), Loer Velocity, Channel Live, Messiah, Tiye
Phoenix, and Scanz come together to help spread the word that thousands
of 9/11 first responders are sick and dying and need our help

Phoneblockade — A New Strategy for Accountability

Join the Phone Blockade A Simple Call to Impeach Print E-mail

Buddy, can you spare 5 minutes a day?

If you believe the country is going in the wrong direction and are frustrated by the refusal of the legislative branch, our Congress, to exercise their sworn duty to support and defend the Constitution, then you must have wondered what can you really do about it? What difference can one person make?

There are many of us; the frustrated majority. We want to know what it is going to take to turn things around. What can we do to get Congress to abandon their business as usual attitude and put impeachment on the table now? How can we send them a clear message? They need to quit trying to run out the clock. There is still plenty of time for them to impeach the President and Vice President! There is no legitimate basis for their failure to take action. The House impeached Bill Clinton on December 19, 1998 and the Senate trial lasted from January 7 through February 12, 1999. Not having sufficient time remaining is not the issue. They do not have the will to do it.

We believe that each one of us, acting together, can make an enormous difference, especially if we take one specific, coordinated action. Best of all, it is easy. It doesn’t cost anything and it is legal. In fact, it is our civic duty. Call a member of the House Judiciary Committee… Continue reading

TAKE ACTION against Political Repression at the DNC and the RNC!

Elaine Brower and Prachi Noor, members of the World Can’t Wait National Steering Committee:

Image of protestor prostrate with police officer kneeling on his neck The police repression of anti-war protest that took place at both national political conventions deeply angered members of the peace community, as well as the many people in this country who were shocked at the behavior of law enforcement. There are those who might believe this brutalization of those who were peacefully demonstrating, with permits issued by the City, and which people believe is their ‘right’ under the Constitution, was an aberration or “over-reaction.”

However, what we saw was an emerging police state further testing new weapons and tactics, and learning how much they can get away with.

In St. Paul, the repression began with over a year ago with infiltration by paid informers of protest organizers, and “pre-emptive” raids on private homes and meeting places, leading to overtly political “conspiracy” charges. Police from around the country were led by Homeland Security in the wanton use of concussion grenades thrown in succession at retreating protesters; smoke bombs; an array of tear gas & pepper gas; wooden batons (bats); weapons, including AR15 automatic assault rifles drawn on unarmed and passive people; riot control horses and dump trucks with blades down as if to scoop up anyone in the streets.

This fierceness of control is what is done in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 7-1/2 years in our names by our military and mercenaries alike, and what has and always will be done in communities of color… Continue reading

Unconventional Tour 2008: Making Waves


Unconventional Tour 2008: Making Waves

irreveRANT Productions and People to People TV Presents: Unconventional Tour
2008: a political mashup of music, film, speakers, and fun!

The tour, from September 26 to November 4, will feature an evening of politically
relevant live music, DJs, local performers, special guests who can speak truthfully
to issues, films & PSAs, plus an open mic Q & A. Filmmaker Penny Little
will present her films: Award winning Electile Dysfunction and 911
Dust and Deceit

UElectile Dysfunction

tour stops include: Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Austin,
Tulsa, Little Rock, St. Louis, Springfield, Bloomington, Chicago. The tour will
be videotaped and clips will be made available through the website. Because
the National Party Conventions will be over, our mission is to bring more awareness
to the issues of Election Reform, localizing, and forming a real opposition
to the corporatocracy running our Country. The Empire has no clothes, and we’re
waking up to the Truth!
Schedule & Program

See Schedule for confirmed dates and details: Oct. 11, Santa Barbara; October
17-18, Little Rock; October 21-23, Bloomington; October 24, Chicago; October
26, St. Louis; October 30, Austin; November 2, Albuquerque.

Each event will be uniquely unconventional. One of the features of the tour
is inviting local guests, musicians, performers. Local issues will be featured
to educate, encourage and empower people to get involved in political process.
The events are tailored to the needs of the sponsoring organizations and the

The Free Speech Contest is an opportunity for… Continue reading

How You Can Help Prosecute Bush
By David Swanson
October 17, 2008

Vincent Bugliosi’s best-selling book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush
for Murder
may be about to become more than a book. A viable candidate for attorney general
of Vermont has committed to appointing Bugliosi as special prosecutor to immediately
indict Bush, Cheney, Rice, Tenet, et alia, if she is elected.

Her name is Charlotte Dennett, and she and the future of the rule of law in
the world need you to send every dime you can spare to her campaign (

Bugliosi struggled to find a publisher, despite his record of writing best-sellers,
had to go out of the country to find a company that would make the audio version
of the book, and his book has not been reviewed in a single major newspaper,
although the New York Times wrote an article about the media blackout
of this book (including by the New York Times) that had nonetheless
become a New York Times bestseller. In fact, even those voices in the
corporate media that people assume would have Vince on their shows (Maddow,
Olbermann, Stewart, Colbert) have all refused. They love talking bad about Bush,
but not suggesting that something might be done about it. They were the same
way with impeachment. But inernational media outlets from around the world are
intensely covering what Bugliosi and Dennett are doing and the prospect of seeing
Bush indicted for murder.

And, even in the United States, word keeps… Continue reading

Instructions for ALL voters from Black Box Voting, Election Defense Alliance and

November 2, 2008
YouTube instructions for ALL voters!

From Black Box Voting, Election Defense Alliance and

Black Box Voting was asked by YouTube to prepare an easy to follow public education
program for Protecting the Count on ELECTION NIGHT and the days that follow.
We collaborated with and Election Defense Alliance. YouTube
has created a Channel called Video Your Vote. The Black Box Voting Protect the
Count series contains important information and several video clips never before
made public.

Please distribute immediately and as widely as you can. EASY INSTRUCTIONS:
View the videos that best fit your location.

1. Protect the Count – most locations in America (4 min)

Takes 90 minutes on Election Night. You can even go out after polls have closed.
Please also view video # 3, because it shows what to look for to identify tampered
poll tapes and the kinds of small errors on tapes that can appear with memory
card tampering. Upload any video you take to – Post
link or comments for what you found in the state and jurisdiction at

2. Protect the Count – Absentee / Central Count (8 min)

(Applies to 13 states with CENTRALLY COUNTED ballots and/or HEAVY ABSENTEE
These are the most challenging Protect the Count locations.

3. Protect the Count – New England / New Hampshire (5 min)

If you live anywhere in New England and can drive to any voting machine location
in New Hampshire to observe and video poll closing,… Continue reading

New England Strategy Session for 9/11 Truth

November 15, 2008 – 9-5pm Keene Public Library, Keene NH

9/11 Truth activists of New England are cordially invited and encouraged to
attend a one-day Strategy Session to be held in Keene, NH on Saturday
November 15, 2008 from 9am to 5pm
. This day-long Strategy Session of
open discussion among New England 9/11 Truth activists is designed to strengthen
our existing activities, evaluate our resources, and develop new plans that
we can immediately implement locally and as a region. Everyone is encouraged
to bring your ideas. RSVP would be helpful, but is not required.

This is going to be the most important organizing and planning discussion we’ve
had since the first strategy session at the Democracy Center at the original
Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party in 2006. Important ideas were hatched then like,
Truth Squads and campaigns like the 11th of the month were inspired from it.
Don’t miss it!

To RSVP or for further information contact : Boston
or Keene, NH

Wayne, PA – Third Thursdays, Monthly . . . FREE 9/11 FILMS

Please invite you and your friends/groups to join us for a FREE SHOWING of
two documentaries at the Anthony Wayne Movie Theater outside of Philadelphia!
Please pass this email on to others, and remember, it is very important for
you to bring NEW people as guests! Here are the details of the upcoming event:

Date: Thursday, November 20, 2008


Anthony Wayne Movie Theater
109 West Lancaster Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087 (off the R5 train line)

Movies / Times:

5:00 P.M. – America: Freedom to Fascism (
– written and directed by the late Aaron Russo. This documentary successfully
delivers one of the most shocking blows to the Federal Reserve system of any
documentary out there. This would be a great introduction for any newcomers
to the Freedom Movement, so make sure to bring guests! We will be heavily promoting
End The Fed, so after they learn about the “Frauderal Reserve” on
Thursday, they will be excited to join us at End The Fed just 2 days later!
(And leave early from work if you have to! This should be a great moment of
mass awakening!)

7:00 P.M. – 9/11: Blueprint for Truth [2008 Edition] (
– This is a video recording of a famous presentation given by Mr. Richard Gage,
a building architect of the utmost credibility and more than 20 years of experience.
He founded the organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (of which
I am a verified member). This video delivers… Continue reading

Updated 11/30: GO VOTE NOW — — Initiatives to (Hopefully) Guide Obama

We understand that good people may disagree with our vision. But this is a private effort not connected to the Obama campaign or transition team, and we reserve the right to keep the competition and its content aligned with the stated mission and overall spirit of the project.

Thank you for your understanding. As mentioned above, we welcome you to directly petition the Obama administration about your proposal at And we hope you continue your work to advance change.


- The Ideas for Change in America Team

[End of email]

Donna Marsh O’Connor’s idea that a scientist be appointed to head the National Institute of Standards and Technology (imagine that!) is still listed here.

Show Editor’s Note »

Donna Marsh O’Connor submitted this idea at on November 9 (language below), which was then promoted at both and 911blogger. But at this point, the newly posted initiative has 297 votes, and is in this category’s first place. Those of you who acted quickly to support Donna’s initiative should nonetheless now vote for the new one, which has gained much more attention. And another initiative for the same thing was posted today… let’s try to focus on ONE of these now, and thus honestly reflect the demand for a new investigation.

This week’s international edition of Newsweek (Dec 1, 2008) includes an interesting article entitled “President 2.0,” discussing potentials of the internet use in an Obama presidency. In particular, it mentions a site called (, which is collecting and allowing people to vote on ideas for the Obama administration.…

Continue reading

$7,760,000,000,000? – Democracy Alert

Break The Bailout!Democracy Alert:



What’s happening:

. . . $7.76 Trillion . . .

That is what Bloomberg
has been committed on behalf of the American taxpayer to bailout
America’s finance system.

Ask Your House Member To Co-Sponsor H.Res. 1531 Against The Bush Preemptive Pardons

December 10, 2008

Another day, another non-denial denial that Bush is planning midnight
preemptive blanket pardons for his entire gang, including himself. In
an article in the New York Times the other day,
current attorney general Mukasey is quoted as asserting it would not be “necessary”.
Please take careful note he did not say it wouldn’t happen, because
unless we speak out now it WILL.

The best shot we have is H.Res. 1531 which puts the administration on
clear notice that there will be strong push back from Congress if
they attempt such a scurrilous stunt. Please submit this action page
to ask your House member to sign on as a co-sponsor of this measure.

Support H.Res. 1531 Action Page:

We all know that George Bush as someone without even the guts to face
his own music, he who sent more that four thousand brave Americans to
their senseless graves, for a premeditated and knowing lie in Iraq,
tens of thousands of American crippled and mutilated for life,
trillions looted from our economy, and he doesn’t even have the
simple courage to risk the accountability of having to defend his
numberless crimes in a fair trial.

It is now known that Nixon seriously considered pardoning himself,
but even he was not THAT despicable. George Bush most certainly is.
And remember that his administration has been infested with Nixon era
cronies like Cheney and Rumsfeld, so it is no surprise that the
malfeasance of the Nixon era has been magnified… Continue reading

Hey, President Obama … Appoint Scientist to Head Up NIST–Go Vote

We can make this happen if we spread this email. Imagine a scientist
heading NIST!



Hey Donna ,

We wanted to let you know that there are only 2 weeks left in the first round
of the “Ideas for Change in America” competition, and your idea is
in 7th place in the Other category.

The top 3 rated ideas for each category will make it to the second round, which
will be held in early January so we can announce the winners of the competition
just before the Presidential Inauguration. You need 552 votes to move up to
third place in Other.

The best way to increase your votes is to email your link to friends and ask
them to support your idea and pass it on. You can do this by forwarding the
following link:

Best of luck!

- The Team…

Continue reading

9/11 Truth in MLK Parades

December 19, 2008
Posted at Joe’s blog at

Secure a place in your cities parade.

North Texans for 9/11 Truth are making plans for this January’s
MLK parade in Dallas . We encourage other 9/11 Truth Groups to start making
plans now by submitting applications to march in their local parade. This type
of 911TRUTH action can have an extremely positive IMPACT !!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be celebrated on Monday January 19, 2009. During
the course of that holiday weekend, many municipalities will have parades and
public events. This is a fantastic opportunity for 9/11 Truth Groups to generate
an extremely positive impact.

In 2008, North Texans for 9/11 Truth marched in the Dallas MLK
parade after Joe pushed through the application process. The crowds were very,
very receptive to 911 TRUTH! People were smiling and waving and even cheering
us on. Some in the crowd were shouting that they know the official story is
a lie. Our group gave away more than 500 DVDs and hundreds of flyers, until
we finally ran out. People were clamoring for the free DVDs and flyers. We easily
could have given out several thousand DVDs to the lines of people hungry for
truth. This year, we are planning to be well prepared with thousands of DVDs
and broadsheet-flyers.

William Pepper: The Execution of Martin Luther King (2003)

MLK- A Time to Break Silence

Find further discussion and planning here:

9/11blogger Thread of 2008 MLK march:

TruthAction Thread of MLK march:


‘Inaugurate Yourself’ – Nationwide Caravan of Peace & Truth

Inaugurate Yourself Tour Banner

Inaugurate Yourself!

Starting: San Diego, CA, on January 10
Ending: Washington, DC on January 20

How will the American people set an agenda in Washington that guarantees deep change?

How can we aim high, and demand the impossible?

How can we guarantee Barack Obama will fulfill the hope and promise he has represented?

(And how deep will the change really be, when you’ve put together a centrist cabinet?)

Inaugurate Yourself! will gather fellow rebels and radicals, spiritual people and political instigators, people who want to speak out and support Sander Hicks “Three New Imperatives:”

1. We can visualize the US Government renouncing violence within our lifetime. If the Democratic Party won’t embrace the radical call to peace and nonviolence of Gandhi, King, Jesus of Nazareth, Dorothy Day, and others, then it’s up to us. The US can really lead the world for the first time, not with the strength of its right arm, but with a new ideal of peaceful conflict resolution. It’s time for us to evolve. This is a natural next step.

2. We call on the US to start an innovative green venture capital program, to rejuvenate the economy, and change the whole paradigm of “dog eat dog” capitalism. Capitalism, too, must evolve. The government could have a role, not as a bumbling huge bureaucracy, but as a creative instigator and funder of conscious, sustainable new companies that act in the public interest, produce important new goods and services, and use the public markets to create a… Continue reading