Apology to readers...

Dear Reader,

You will notice I am once again updating the website - finally! I apologize for the interruption and appreciate your patience. On July 30 my hard drive crashed, taking with it several years worth of the files, emails, addresses, software, calendar and other assorted information needed to manage this site. Hence, we've been in limbo since then. Unfortunately, my backup drive had crashed some time ago and I'd not yet replaced it so I'm having to refuse to go into panic mode thinking about everything that's lost on that drive, and am looking for a reliable data recovery company to salvage our frozen history. (Yes, recommendations welcome! janice [at] 911truth.org, please) and the money to pay for that expensive procedure. Fortunately, a true friend loaned me the money for a new laptop, so we are back!

If any of you are awaiting my response to your email sent during July, it's not forthcoming! Please resend and understand I'm really not rude - just temporarily lost! And at the risk of proselytizing, I will take a moment to strongly recommend you go RIGHT NOW and get a backup drive if you don't already have one ... Until I lost access to this stuff, I really had no idea how frustrating the simplest things can be or how much I relied on this technology to manage life!

Again, thanks to everyone for your patience and continued readership and support. This week I will try to post the most important 9/11-related news of the last few weeks, such as the few articles added below. Without the software I'm used to, it will take some time to hand-code everything for proper formatting, but it WILL happen!

Best wishes,

Janice Matthews

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