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Tortured Logic

In the interest of maintaining and restoring the rule of law, one group of professionals has been at the forefront since its inception in 1920. The ACLU has been the impetus behind the recent calls to release the photographic evidence of torture that would incense us to action, not any third world peoples as they are already incensed by our actions.

Inasmuch as the only corroborated evidence proffered by the powers that be that the events of 9/11 were planned, orchestrated and performed by "terrorists" is that obtained from victims of torture, and typically hidden in the footnotes of the report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, we as a people are at a pivotal moment in our progression. Whether we accept the status quo of a system of justice that is bent to the whims and needs of its establishment players in order to advance secret and private agendas and to save face and embarrassment or do we rise up and stand for values that we thought were inherent and unflappable in our very being.

– Ed.

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