NYC CAN Breaks 70,000

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Dear Friends,

This past week, NYC CAN broke 70,000 signatures. We have now collected over 18,000 signatures in addition to the 52,000 submitted on June 24, 2009. According to the law, we can force the referendum for a new investigation on the ballot by submitting another 15,000 valid signatures on August 25, regardless of what City Council does. To be comfortably above 15,000 valid signatures, we aim to have at least 35,000 signatures by August 23, which means we have 17,000 to go. This is well within reach as our petitioners are bringing in 4,000 signatures per week.


We urge you to donate right now so we can keep paying our petitioners to collect the signatures. The overhead is minimal. Every dollar you donate will bring in one signature. If you’ve donated already, thank you! Your generosity and determination is what has gotten us this far. We challenge you at this critical moment to double your previous donation.

Remember, thinkers think and talkers talk. Patriots Act. If we come together now we can make history.

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Ted Walter

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