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10th Anniversary 9/11 Truth Hit Piece Roundup
9/11 Truth News has created an excellent piece compiling the media's efforts to dismiss the efforts of truth advocates working toward transparency and accountability for the crimes of 9/11. Please click the source link to read all 30. Interesting that at the same time informed, conscientious citizens asking questions are portrayed as ridiculous by the media, Former Senator Bob Graham and Florida Congresswoman Kathy Castor are calling for a new investigation. Apparently they don't think all the questions are ridiculous...
– Ed.

September 12, 2011
Source: 9/11 Truth News

30+ 9/11 Truth Hit Pieces In 2 Weeks

For the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attack, the mainstream media has offered an unprecedented level of apparent bias against reasonable people invested in justice for the victims of 9/11. The majority of articles below imply that "truthers" are driven by a fear of chaos and uncertainty to draw comfort from misdirected rage. Most of the articles make sweeping generalization about those involved while others are outright insulting.

9/11 Truth Hit Piece #1 -- CNN World
"Conspiracy theories are for losers"

The Author: Dr. Joseph Parent and Dr. Joseph Uscinski

The Setup: "The world is awash in conspiracy theories. ["9/11 "truther" beliefs"] [...] The "birther" conspiracy theorists [...] Obama is a secret Muslim intent on instituting Sharia Law [...] the president blew up the Deepwater Horizon [...] Osama bin Laden is not dead [...] the Holocaust never happened [...] the world is run by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Freemasons or the Federal Reserve. The list sprawls on."

The Premise: "When Republicans are in power, right-leaning villains such as big business dominate conspiracy theorizing. When Democrats are in power, left-leaning villains such as socialists become the top peril."

Misdirection: "Although conspiracy theories have anti-democratic aspects, in this respect they are very fair: All of us get to play the villain eventually."

9/11 Truth Hit Piece #2 -- AFP
"9/11 conspiracy theories thrive 10 years on"

The Author: Sebastian Smith

The Setup: "Defying countless official and non-governmental enquiries, media reporting, and often common sense, a significant number of people fervently disbelieve that Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda sent 19 hijackers to execute the September 11, 2001 massacre. Instead, elements within George W. Bush's administration -- or perhaps Israeli agents -- used pre-placed explosives and missiles to blow up the World Trade Center and Pentagon."

The Premise: "The United States has long been fertile ground for conspiracy theories. In this parallel world, John F. Kennedy was assassinated by anyone ranging from the CIA to Cuban exiles. The Moon landing pictures were taken in a studio, while the US government is covering up evidence of UFOs. And American GIs are still held in bamboo cages in Vietnam."

Misdirection: "The conspiracy theorists remain a minority and face the scorn of the counter-conspiracy movement on websites like [debunking911] and [ScrewLooseChange] which claims to prove wrong almost every statement made during the film."

9/11 Truth Hit Piece #3 -- BBC News Magazine
"9/11 conspiracy theories"

The Author: Staff

The Setup: "It may be 10 years since the attacks in the US on 11 September, but conspiracy theories have not faded over time..."

The Premise: "Here are five of the most prominent 9/11 conspiracy theories circulating in online communities."

Misdirection: "Numerous official reports have been published since the Twin Towers fell, but just when a piece of evidence casts doubt on one theory, the focus then shifts to the next "unanswered question"."


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