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Ron Paul and 159 Congress People Vote Against Healthcare for Sick 9/11 Heroes
Research Tool: More information about this or any other bill can easily be found at Details on H.R. 847: James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 are here.

– Ed.

by Scott Ford
September 30, 2010

The following names are the people in Congress that voted AGAINST helping the 9/11 1st Responders with health care. There are about 900 dead responders since the attacks 9 years ago, and tens of thousands more sick and dying. When everybody was running away from Ground Zero, these people were running in to save as many people as they can. The people on this list feel that we should not help them. Please adjust your voter ballots accordingly in November.

No Votes (160)

Member, Party, District

Robert B. Aderholt, R, AL-4
Todd Akin, R, MO-2
Rodney Alexander, R, LA-5
Steve Austria, R, OH-7
Michele Bachmann, R, MN-6
Spencer Bachus, R, AL-6
J. Gresham Barrett, R, SC-3
Roscoe G. Bartlett, R, MD-6
Joe L. Barton, R, TX-6
Marion Berry, D, AR-1
Judy Biggert, R, IL-13
Brian P. Bilbray, R, CA-50
Gus Bilirakis, R, FL-9
Rob Bishop, R, UT-1
Marsha Blackburn, R, TN-7
John A. Boehner, R, OH-8
Jo Bonner, R, AL-1
Mary Bono Mack, R, CA-45
John Boozman, R, AR-3
Charles Boustany Jr., R, LA-7
Kevin Brady, R, TX-8
Bobby Bright, D, AL-2
Paul Broun, R, GA-10
Henry E. Brown Jr., R, SC-1
Ginny Brown-Waite, R, FL-5
Vern Buchanan, R, FL-13
Michael C. Burgess, R, TX-26
Dan Burton, R, IN-5
Steve Buyer, R, IN-4
Ken Calvert, R, CA-44
Dave Camp, R, MI-4
John Campbell, R, CA-48
Eric Cantor, R, VA-7
Shelley Moore Capito, R, WV-2
John Carter, R, TX-31
Bill Cassidy, R, LA-6
Jason Chaffetz, R, UT-3
Howard Coble, R, NC-6
Mike Coffman, R, CO-6
K. Michael Conaway, R, TX-11
Jim Cooper, D, TN-5
Ander Crenshaw, R, FL-4
John Culberson, R, TX-7
Geoff Davis, R, KY-4
Mario Diaz-Balart, R, FL-25
Charles Djou, R, HI-1
David Dreier, R, CA-26
John J. Duncan Jr., R, TN-2
Vernon J. Ehlers, R, MI-3
Jo Ann Emerson, R, MO-8
Jeff Flake, R, AZ-6
John Fleming, R, LA-4
J. Randy Forbes, R, VA-4
Jeff Fortenberry, R, NE-1
Virginia Foxx, R, NC-5
Trent Franks, R, AZ-2
Elton Gallegly, R, CA-24
Scott Garrett, R, NJ-5
Phil Gingrey, R, GA-11
Louie Gohmert, R, TX-1
Robert W. Goodlatte, R, VA-6
Kay Granger, R, TX-12
Sam Graves, R, MO-6
Tom Graves, R, GA-9
Parker Griffith, R, AL-5
Brett Guthrie, R, KY-2
Ralph M. Hall, R, TX-4
Gregg Harper, R, MS-3
Doc Hastings, R, WA-4
Dean Heller, R, NV-2
Jeb Hensarling, R, TX-5
Wally Herger, R, CA-2
Peter Hoekstra, R, MI-2
Duncan D. Hunter, R, CA-52
Bob Inglis, R, SC-4
Darrell Issa, R, CA-49
Lynn Jenkins, R, KS-2
Sam Johnson, R, TX-3
Timothy V. Johnson, R, IL-15
Jim Jordan, R, OH-4
Steve King, R, IA-5
Jack Kingston, R, GA-1
John Kline, R, MN-2
Steven C. LaTourette, R, OH-14
Doug Lamborn, R, CO-5
Tom Latham, R, IA-4
Robert E. Latta, R, OH-5
Christopher Lee, R, NY-26
Jerry Lewis, R, CA-41
John Linder, R, GA-7
Frank D. Lucas, R, OK-3
Blaine Luetkemeyer, R, MO-9
Cynthia M. Lummis, R, WY-1
Connie Mack, R, FL-14
Donald Manzullo, R, IL-16
Kenny Marchant, R, TX-24
Kevin McCarthy, R, CA-22
Michael McCaul, R, TX-10
Tom McClintock, R, CA-4
Thaddeus McCotter, R, MI-11
Patrick T. McHenry, R, NC-10
Howard P. McKeon, R, CA-25
Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R, WA-5
John L. Mica, R, FL-7
Gary G. Miller, R, CA-42
Jeff Miller, R, FL-1
Jerry Moran, R, KS-1
Sue Myrick, R, NC-9
Randy Neugebauer, R, TX-19
Devin Nunes, R, CA-21
Pete Olson, R, TX-22
Ron Paul, R, TX-14
Erik Paulsen, R, MN-3
Mike Pence, R, IN-6
Tom Petri, R, WI-6
Joe Pitts, R, PA-16
Ted Poe, R, TX-2
Bill Posey, R, FL-15
Tom Price, R, GA-6
Adam H. Putnam, R, FL-12
George P. Radanovich, R, CA-19
Denny Rehberg, R, MT-1
Dave Reichert, R, WA-8
Harold Rogers, R, KY-5
Mike D. Rogers, R, AL-3
Mike Rogers, R, MI-8
Dana Rohrabacher, R, CA-46
Tom Rooney, R, FL-16
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R, FL-18
Peter Roskam, R, IL-6
Ed Royce, R, CA-40
Paul D. Ryan, R, WI-1
Steve Scalise, R, LA-1
Jean Schmidt, R, OH-2
Aaron Schock, R, IL-18
F. James Sensenbrenner, R, WI-5
Pete Sessions, R, TX-32
John Shadegg, R, AZ-3
John Shimkus, R, IL-19
Bill Shuster, R, PA-9
Mike Simpson, R, ID-2
Adrian Smith, R, NE-3
Lamar Smith, R, TX-21
Cliff Stearns, R, FL-6
John Sullivan, R, OK-1
Lee Terry, R, NE-2
Glenn Thompson, R, PA-5
William M. Thornberry, R, TX-13
Todd Tiahrt, R, KS-4
Pat Tiberi, R, OH-12
Michael R. Turner, R, OH-3
Fred Upton, R, MI-6
Greg Walden, R, OR-2
Zach Wamp, R, TN-3
Lynn Westmoreland, R, GA-3
Edward Whitfield, R, KY-1
Joe Wilson, R, SC-2
Robert J. Wittman, R, VA-1
Frank R. Wolf, R, VA-10
Don Young, R, AK-1

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