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Personal Reflection on Australia Tour

by Janice Matthews
November 23, 2009

For this Midwestern U.S. chicken-farming Director, I would feel quite ungrateful if I did not share a few of the other personal highlights of this trip. We were given a day of relaxation in the midst of all the event preparations, for which I will honestly be forever grateful. I would surely never have been able to experience this beauty and personal renewal had it not been for the two generous individuals who sponsored my travel and the incredible kindred spirits who pulled this all together. At risk of sounding a little 'mushy', thank you, more than you can imagine. Just this little moment pictured, mama kangaroo holding my hand gently with both of hers, carefully with her long claws, as I fed her grass, her joey occasionally timdly peeking out of her pouch - this joy will carry me along for years.

If you have not ever been to Australia, GO THERE!! The beauty of the coastline is stunning, and we were incredibly fortunate to be given a tour of a small piece of the Australian Outback with Dharawal (Aboriginal) elder and leading expert Les Bursill as our guide. He showed us drawings etched in sandstone, preserving even to this day some of the Dharawal stories, taught us about their creation dreaming and something about lives, which I found utterly riveting. I am reminded of the importance of preserving our individual stories, and our dreams.

And along the way, traveling from John's house an hour south of Sydney and back, we experienced Australia's marvelous train system, laughed, strategized, contemplated and just had some fun. Literally everywhere we went our 9/11 truth t-shirts drew people to us. "Excuse me, can I ask you about your shirt?" They ALL wanted to talk, often in depth, about what they knew about 9/11 truth, how important they perceive the issue to be and how it affects them. The depth of knowledge so many people displayed, and their passion that led them to strike up conversation with complete strangers was a stark contrast to the responses we often experience in much of the U.S. Ah ... dialogue. A lost art rediscovered Down Under! Thank you, Australia!

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