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'Deadly Dust' - Niels Harrit on Electric Politics Podcast
See also: RussiaToday interviews Niels Harrit. Transcript and description here. Also, Dr. Harrit will speak in Madrid on July 21: Details here.
– Ed.

by George Kenney
July 10, 2009

9/11 skeptics keep strengthening their case. Most recently, in a scientific paper that analyzes material from dust collected in lower Manhattan immediately after the event. This paper establishes beyond any doubt that nano-thermite (an exotic, military compound), in very large quantities, was present in the World Trade Center buildings during their collapse. Now it's up to those who defend the establishment narrative to demonstrate how the nano-thermite could have gotten there.

The simplest explanation, of course, is that it was used to bring the buildings down.

This podcast reviews the paper with its lead author, Dr. Niels Harrit. Niels is a professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, where he's been teaching for about forty years. Even if you don't agree with 9/11 skeptics, listening to Niels you'll most likely find him honest and believable.

Interview Description:

It takes a theory to beat a theory. Up to now, that's played to the strengths of the establishment narrative for 9/11. But with the discovery and analysis of nano-thermite residue from dust collected in lower Manhattan immediately after 9/11, the counterfactual burden falls the other way. To get the story from the source I turned to Dr. Niels Harrit, lead author of a recent paper (.pdf) that examines the dust in exhaustive detail. A professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen for over forty years, with an impressive publication record (.pdf), Niels brings a high level of professional credibility to the 9/11 truth movement. I was very happy to talk with Niels and I thank him for his tremendous public service. Total runtime fifty eight minutes. Dare to question convention!

If you like this podcast please feel free to forward the link.

Listen here:

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