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9/11 Commission Senior Counsel & Team Leader to Testify at 'Truth Commission' Hearing Today
UPDATE: Oh, nevermind! I was going to add a little background info on John Farmer ... Given that he saw and spoke (vaguely) about cover-ups and failings of the 9/11 Commission, I saw a ray of hope that he might be an interesting first witness. I thought he might point out specifics that led to the inadequacies of the 9/11 Commission and should be avoided this time... Not. He pretty much said this is ONLY about "detentions" and even then, the investigation should be fairly narrow, and suggested the 9/11 Commission was successful... he added this commission should have subpoena power, carefully consider any immunity offered, and be thoroughly funded with a clear mandate ... very disappointing, though not surprising.
The first hearing of Senators Leahy & Whitehouse's "Truth Commission" is to be held this morning at 10am, broadcast live on CSpan-3. Many people are not in favor of such an effort, given the past history of US Commissions which have done excellent whitewash and coverup work for many decades. Instead, many are calling for appointment of a Special Prosecutor, such as has been recommended by the Robert Jackson Steering Committee at
Nonetheless, it appears this morning's hearing might be worth viewing. One of the three people called to comment today is John Farmer, who was Legal Counsel and Team Leader for the 9/11 Commission--he headed up the team reviewing at NYC's response, and was quite outspoken (sometimes) about the failings of NYC leadership and their apparent covering up of information. More info about this will be posted shortly.
– Ed.

Sen. Leahy Proceeds With Truth Commission
Today on C-Span, 10am Eastern

Senate Judiciary Cmte. Chairman Leahy (D-VT) holds a hearing on the creation of a nonpartisan commission to investigate past national security policies. Sen. Leahy (D-VT) first called for a truth commission, which would inquire into alleged wrongdoing by past Administrations, during an event on Capitol Hill.

watch Truth Commission: C-SPAN3 at 10am (ET)

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