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Call your Representative RIGHT NOW!

Hello, Legislative Staff Member? Please get this message immediately to my Representative... "Do NOT vote to table when Rep. Kucinich brings forward today H.Res. 333, to impeach Cheney. Your oath is to "defend and uphold the Constitution against ALL enemies" including domestic enemies such as Dick Cheney. Do it!"

Simple as that. Make the call right now! Find your Rep's direct number at or use these toll free numbers 800-828-0498, 800-614-2803 and 877-851-6437.

– Ed.

From The People's Email Network:
We Must Support H.Res. 333 To Impeach Cheney

Dennis Kucinich has stepped forward to bring the resolution to impeach Cheney as a privileged resolution. This means that the House is forced to consider it. So what are the so-called leaders of the House planning on doing? They are "planning" on trying to quash debate with an obscure parliamentary trick called a "motion to table". So what are we planning on doing?

We're planning on calling each and every member of the House of Representatives and demand that they actually represent us. We're planning on demanding that they support H.Res. 333 and give it a full and free debate and hearing, and to reject the motion to table. We're planning on telling them that unless they stand up for the people now, we will find new and different candidates for their seats, through primary challenges if necessary in the very next election.

Here again, we have created a special web page where you can lookup the local district office phone numbers of your own personal house member.

H.Res 333 Action Page:

Again, if you can't get through to your house member in Washington, use the instant lookup function on the page above to get the name of your own representative and all their local phone numbers.

Unless Cheney is impeached they will absolutely bomb Iran. Unless Cheney is impeached they will absolutely start World War 3, and very likely declare martial law and officially suspend the constitution, as just happened in Pakistan. They don't need any congressional resolution to do it. They are determined to ignore Congress entirely if necessary. There is no law they have not broken already. They are constitutional outlaws to the core. The only thing that will stop them is impeachment. And the only thing that will make impeachment happen is your voices.

Please make your calls also to support H.Res. 333 now.

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