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9/11 Commission Shield to host Grassroots Development Conference Call with Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney

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Thursday, August 14, 2008
9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific
Phone number: 712-432-1001
Access Code: 433027266#

CAM PhotoAs
part of our series of calls to support the development of grassroots activism,
we are excited to announce that Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney will
join us on August 14th! This phone interview will be accessible for everyone
to hear through the call-in number above, and will be broadcast live by,
then posted with a transcript at Cynthia will speak to questions
presented by a panel of activists involved in 911truth and much more.

What would you like to ask Cynthia? We invite you to submit your own question
to Grassroots (at); we will accept questions no later than August 7.
A panel will combine responses and ask as many questions as possible during
our time with Cynthia. You can read the Green Party 2008 draft platform at
Cynthia’s position on a wide variety of issues and a ‘candidate comparison chart’
can be accessed at the Chicago Tribune site.

Lest we forget … Cynthia McKinney, former Democratic Representative
from Georgia and courageous spokesperson of the People for many years — a few
of her accomplishments include:

• First Congressperson to introduce
Articles of Impeachment against George Bush
, in 2006 via House Res 1106

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
on the Pentagon’s missing trillions, continuing
US contracts with DynCorp (previously convicted of human trafficking), and the
9/11 war games. House Hearing on FY06 Dept. of Defense Budget, March 11, 2005

• In July 2005, she held a Congressional
hearing into 9/11 on Capitol Hill
, afterward issuing a report entitled “9/11
Commission Report: One Year Later. A Citizens Response–Did the Commission Get
it Right? 9/11 Families, Government workers, and Scholars Respond.” The
full 305 page report and hearing transcript are available
as a pdf here

• Hosted the “9/11
Brain Trust” at Annual Black Caucus Conference
in September 2005

• Chaired “The
9/11 Omission Hearings”
September 9, 2004 in New York City

• Continuously opposed the war and occupation of Iraq, speaking and voting
against it at every opportunity

• Continued to fight for greater government transparency with introduction
of the Martin Luther King Record Collections Act and Tupac Shakur Record Collections

a bill
calling for “the suspension of the use, sale, development, production,
testing, and export of depleted uranium munitions” in October, 2001

• Demanded hearings and accountability into the disastrous planning for
and response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (and asked why Michael Chertoff
wasn’t being charged with negligent homicide!)

Already supportive of Cynthia, or just want to help make third parties a truly
viable part of American politics? Please check for ways
to help with this process in this very critical time.

RELATED: In July 2008 hosted a conference call
with Rep. Dennis Kucinich, which was well attended and very productive. The
audio and transcript of that event are available here. Thousands of people have
now accessed that information, and is pressing his office to follow
through with the commitments made that night. We’ll keep you updated at the

For those of you new to our grassroots calls, if you are interested in being
listed as a grassroots organizer or want information and support for grassroots
activism, go to: